Video games and their epic music

I’ll confess, I have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with music. Forget TV, give me music any day of the week. (And, yes, I’m one of those people who can listen to the same song 57 times in one day.) One of my weaknesses is video game soundtracks. (No surprise, right?)

I love the Crysis soundtracks. It’s the guitar and the piano. It’s the emotion that you can feel come pouring out of the speakers. It’s pretty much perfect. The Crysis 3 soundtrack isn’t available for download yet, (I keep complaining on Twitter. LOL) but when it is, it will be mine, Precious.

Quake 2. I know, most of the young people are like, huh? Quake? Go buy the disc for 10 bucks and pop it into your PC, whippersnapper. Not only is it one of the very few FPS I actually finished, it’s got a memorable soundtrack that make you want to go after some Stroggs.
OK, so it’s not the original version of the song, but it is pretty awesome. Who doesn’t love some gypsy-jazz vibes anyway?
I know I barely scratched the surface, so what say you? What’s your favorite video game music?

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