The Man of Steel, er, Iron

Yesterday, Babe, the girls and I went to Disneyland (surprise, surprise) and headed over to the Iron Man exhibit they have at the Innoventions building. For the first time in, well, a really long time, there was actually a line to get into it.

ImageIt wasn’t too bad –maybe ten minutes– but those clever folks at Disney has it set up to where, hey, you want to see Iron Man? You’re gonna have to go around the entire top floor, buddy.

When you made it around all the other geeks, you were greeted with this beauty:

ImageGlorious, isn’t he?  Of course, behind him, the suits of armor stood proudly. Babe did his best to get a panoramic photo but a million nerds + bad lighting = somewhat blurry photo. I still love it though because, um, armors of awesomeness. ❤ ❤

ImageThey also had a simulation area. (We didn’t go on that because we had to eat at some point in the day.) But, if they still have the IM3 display up when we head back there in June, then I’m gonna have to try me on some Iron Man armor, baby!

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