The Cross Stitch of Doom (Week 1)

So, like a character in a book an author writes, my crafting projects tend to name themselves. Sometimes it takes a while for them to introduce themselves to me, but, after spending time with them, they all give me *something* to call them.

I’d like to introduce you to The Cross Stitch of Doom (or TCSOD). (Yeah, I know right now it doesn’t look like much. But, when it’s finished it will be quite a Legendary feel to it.)



I can’t remember a time that a cross stitch has given me so much grief within such a short period of time. Messed up on the count. Used the wrong color. Head, meet desk.

Every person who cross stitches know undoing work is just par for the course, but considering that this sucker has 65k+ squares, hitting a snag at about square #300 is tear-inducing.

The (insane) plan is to have this finished by the time by sister’s wedding rolls around. The plan is also to maintain my sanity, so we’ll see how it goes.

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I make crafts. I geek out. Sometimes, I geek out about making crafts.

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