Cookie (Recipe) Swap Time

All right, it’s time to share your favorite cookie recipes.

All you need to do is post your comment below. You can either copy and paste your recipe directly in the comment or you can link to it from another source (Pinterest, your blog, Facebook, etc.). I’ll be posting links to the recipes on my Twitter account, so if you have an account over there, drop it in the comments so I can include it when I tweet the recipe.

Be sure to share this link with your friends. The more cookie recipes there are, the happier our taste buds will be. 😀 😀

C is for Cookie…

It’s that time of year when out inner Cookie Monsters will no longer be ignored.

You know what that means? It’s Cookie (Recipe) Swap time.

How it works:

On Monday, November 25, I’ll make a post where you can make a comment linking to your blog, Facebook, etc. with your favorite cookie recipe. Do you want to take pictures as you make them step-by-step? Awesome. Do you just want to cut and paste a tried and true recipe that you want to share with the masses? Equally epic.

The point is to try to get ALL THE COOKIE RECIPES so that our cookie taste buds will be happy.

And, this is obvious, but if the recipe isn’t yours, don’t claim it as your own. Just give kudos to whose recipe it is and share away (as long as you have their permission, of course). 😀

I’ll be posting a link to each recipe from my Twitter account (@craftinggeek) throughout the day so if you have a handle there, just be sure to drop it in the comment box along with the link to the deliciousness.

For now, we need to tell the masses. So, blog, Tweet, FB, make a sandwich sign and wear it around the office, and get the word out: this blog + November 25 = tasty cookies. More people means more cookies and that’s always a good thing.

But, what if I don’t have a Facebook. blog, etc?

No worries. Just go ahead and post your recipe in the comment section of the blog post on the 25th.

I have a great brownie recipe. Can I post that instead?

Nom nom nom…wait, where you asking something? I’m going to not be too dogmatic when it comes it “what is a cookie” (I’ll leave that up to food philosophers), but if it’s something you can eat without using a fork and doesn’t need refrigeration, then you’re fine.

I adore the Thor

So, my measurement for whether or not a sequel is good is if I can walk away and say that I liked the characters more/the same than I did before I watched the movie.

And that was totally the case with Thor. From Jane to Thor to Loki (believe it or not because I’m not the world’s biggest fangirl of him) to Frigga (dude, Frigga!) to Heimdall (who, I admit, might be my favorite minor Marvel character ever), I grew to love them even more.

It has its differences from the first movie, of course. And there is a noticeable absence of SHIELD, but there was a cleverness in the movie that I loved. And the big ending scene? Brilliant.

Was it better than Thor 1? I’d have to give that a yes. And if I didn’t have such a bias towards Steve Rogers, I might be willing to say that, The Avengers excluded, this is the best Marvel movie yet.

Through the Rabbit Hole

This year, we decided that we’d participate in our church’s Trunk or Treat event for Halloween. Our theme? Alice in Wonderland.20131030_125901

I originally thought we’d go with the Tea Party theme, but nixed that idea when I found some awesome looking flowers over at Hobby Lobby. The Red Queen’s garden, it was!

We had three major components to the decor. First was our Wonderland tree. It only took about 20 minutes to make. If you are armed with a glue gun and a few craft supplies, then you can make it fairly easily. The first thing I did was lay out my dowels and my red and white striped fabric. I cut the fabric the length of the dowel and about five inches wide. Then, I ran a line of hot glue down the dowel and attached one side of the fabric. When it had set, I rolled it (not too tightly — I didn’t want it to look too perfect) and glued the other side.

When I had finished all four, then I set to making the base. I found an old box (Thanks Amazon!) and sealed the top and bottom. Then, I poked a hole for each dowel. When I was happy with the placement, I tied a red ribbon around the four dowels, creating the trunk. Next, I covered the box with the same red and white striped material. Now, I had a couple of topiary spheres kickin’ it on my mantle, but you can pick those up at your local craft store. I put some red roses and hearts in them to make them look like they were fit for a (Red) queen.


Lastly, I had to make those oh-so-Wonderlandian signs. I just used some construction paper and a Sharpie, but if you’re really wanting something that will last longer than an afternoon, I would suggest using foam board or balsa wood.

The next project I tackled was the card soldiers. This is a super easy project. All you need is white foam board, red and black poster board and some glue. (OK, you’ll need scissors too.)


All you need to do is cut out rectangles from the foam board. Then, I used this image to make their faces/tops of the cards. Now, I did “cheat” a little — I had Babe use the vinyl cutter to make the card’s respective shapes and the “A”s, but with a little time and patience, you can cut out the shapes on the poster board.


Finally, I made the card centerpiece that was really cool to make (and to look at). Now, I did not come up with the brilliant idea. I saw the pictures over at and knew I wanted to try to make it up for myself. It does take a little bit of time (I worked on mine for about an hour and a half or so) and you better love working with a glue gun because you are going to have plenty of bonding time with it.


I followed the guidelines over at MissParty and started with two bases and worked up and out from there. And they are absolutely right — there is no longevity with this project. I made it the day before Halloween and had to go in a fix a couple of things right before the event because gravity was having its way with it. That being said, it looks really quite epic and if you are having an Alice-themed event, it is certainly something that will grab your guests attention.

20131031_175542 (1)

The Trunk or Treat itself was a lot of fun (and busy!). We even had a Mirana stop by the car which was downright awesome!