C is for Cookie…

It’s that time of year when out inner Cookie Monsters will no longer be ignored.

You know what that means? It’s Cookie (Recipe) Swap time.

How it works:

On Monday, November 25, I’ll make a post where you can make a comment linking to your blog, Facebook, etc. with your favorite cookie recipe. Do you want to take pictures as you make them step-by-step? Awesome. Do you just want to cut and paste a tried and true recipe that you want to share with the masses? Equally epic.

The point is to try to get ALL THE COOKIE RECIPES so that our cookie taste buds will be happy.

And, this is obvious, but if the recipe isn’t yours, don’t claim it as your own. Just give kudos to whose recipe it is and share away (as long as you have their permission, of course). 😀

I’ll be posting a link to each recipe from my Twitter account (@craftinggeek) throughout the day so if you have a handle there, just be sure to drop it in the comment box along with the link to the deliciousness.

For now, we need to tell the masses. So, blog, Tweet, FB, make a sandwich sign and wear it around the office, and get the word out: this blog + November 25 = tasty cookies. More people means more cookies and that’s always a good thing.

But, what if I don’t have a Facebook. blog, etc?

No worries. Just go ahead and post your recipe in the comment section of the blog post on the 25th.

I have a great brownie recipe. Can I post that instead?

Nom nom nom…wait, where you asking something? I’m going to not be too dogmatic when it comes it “what is a cookie” (I’ll leave that up to food philosophers), but if it’s something you can eat without using a fork and doesn’t need refrigeration, then you’re fine.

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I make crafts. I geek out. Sometimes, I geek out about making crafts.

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