It’s a me! Crafting Mario!

For Christmas, Babe got me this awesome book. Just what I need, right? More books to enable my crafting habit. We needs all the craft books, Precious. The pin cushion on the front totally caught my eye, but if you know me, you know what I was thinking. That's right, Mario. So, I Binged it… Continue reading It’s a me! Crafting Mario!


Play it by Ear

I'm sorry, No Doubt, but every time I think of your music, I think of ugly, well-armed aliens. It's really my 18 year old self's fault. Back in '98, when we were dating, Babe let me play his copy of Quake II (with the two expansion packs). I played the game for a while, destroying… Continue reading Play it by Ear

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Have yourself a geeky little Christmas

So, you want to make your own Destiny-themed Christmas card? Of course you do. The tutorial to make a card (i.e. listen to me talk for three minutes about the evilness of glue guns, how to convert the card into an ornament, and suggestions for your own Destiny themed messages) is in this vid. The… Continue reading Have yourself a geeky little Christmas