(Artificial) Snowstorm

If you aren’t braving the crowds trying to get that last minute shopping done or watching The Hobbit this weekend, I found a quick and easy tutorial to make some pretty epic looking snowflakes over here.


I actually made two batches: blue and white for our house (The project is easy enough that my 7 and 9 year olds were able to do it themselves.) and the traditional green, red and gold for my mom and sisters. Each snowflake only takes 10-15 minutes. Not back for something so dramatic and awesome looking. 😀


The only suggestion that I have is don’t use super heavy cardstock. The glue has a tendency to not stick and suddenly –pop!– goes one of the the sides. Also, that inner tube doesn’t want to bend if the paper is too thick.


I alternated each piece. So, for piece one, I folded the tube forward, showing the color. For piece two, I flipped it around and folded the first tube so that the white showed itself. It’s completely optional, but I liked the way it looked with the alternating colors in the middle.


The plus to this project? It’s super light so shipping costs aren’t going to be an issue. BUT, they are huge so hopefully you have an old Amazon box kicking around your closest, waiting for you to ship some paper snowflakes to the masses.

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