Play it by Ear

I’m sorry, No Doubt, but every time I think of your music, I think of ugly, well-armed aliens.


It’s really my 18 year old self’s fault. Back in ’98, when we were dating, Babe let me play his copy of Quake II (with the two expansion packs). I played the game for a while, destroying Strogg. I guess I got tired off the soundtrack (gasp!) and started playing No Doubt. I must have been on a ska kick or something because once I started listening to their first album, I always listened to it when I played Quake II.

The aftermath of that decision? All I have to do is play Trapped in a Box and I am looking for chain gun to pick up and Strogg to annihilate.

I guess my lesson is this. If you do decide to not listen to the game’s soundtrack, choose your songs wisely. Or else 15 years from now, you’ll be writing a blog post telling about how every time you listen to Mumford and Sons, you think of the Solarii Brotherhood.

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