*enter clever title here*

I wanted to come up with some clever title for this latest project I finished, but my mind is not quick with the wit today. Alas.

Anyway, I come with pictures (and a mild story of woe) from my latest project. It wasn’t the cross-stitch of doom, but it wasn’t necessarily my easiest project either, mostly because I have an inability to do math.

So, last month, my buddy contacted me about doing a commission piece from him based on this:


Easy, right?

Well, it theory, it was. I opened the pic with my program and messed with the coloring, etc. After that was all said and done, I needed to figure out the dimensions so I would calculate how long it would take for me to finish it. So, I averaged the area that Ken took up — 30 x 100. (I’d have to double it to include Ryu, piece of cake.) So, I multiplied it in my mind — 30 x 100, well, that equals 300.

(Now at this point, any 3rd grader could tell you where I went horribly wrong.)

Let’s just say what I thought would take 5-7 hours ended up taking over 30.

So, over the course of a week and a half, this cross-stitch became a part of me.


We watched Tangled together.


And Night at the Museum.


And Captain America.



Still, I couldn’t figure out where I had gone wrong if calculating my time. I blamed it on being tired, sick, the cycle of the moon — anything.

Vacation came and so did my newfound BFF.

It was my traffic buddy…


helped keep seagulls away…


and watched as children played.


Finally, after dedicating six times the amount of time I thought I would, the end was near. And as I was finishing Ken’s foot, it hit me.

30 x 100 doesn’t equal 300. It equals 3,000.




But in the end, everything turned out rather well and now I’m turning my attention back to Hyrule.


And the next time someone asks for a commission piece, I’m pulling out the calculator.

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