Hey! Listen!

Oh yes, my friends, it’s that time again!


If you missed June’s 30for30crafting, then let me give you the rundown: You commit to do something creative for 30 minutes for 30 days. The umbrella is broad — anything creative from physical crafts to writing to digital media is perfectly awesome. The point of this is to get those creativity juices flowing.

The process is simple. Starting on August 1, post your picture on Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr and tag it with #30for30crafting . Then, keep your eyes peeled for that tag and encourage the creative souls who are doing this with you. And since August has 31 days, you even have a day to take a break.

I answered a bunch of questions over on this post here, so check ’em out. If you still have any questions, drop me a line here and I’ll answer it for you.

I’ve already got a Pinterest board for all of the people who posted pics on IG and Twitter in June. And have one set up and ready to go for August.

So, get the word out — tweet, tumblr, IG, blog, FB the information out. It is awesome to see how much you can do in just one month!


Nintendo Entertainment (Cross)-Stitch

Another day, another thing to distract me from my self-imposed deadline for finishing the Dark World geeky pattern to give to the internet.

This time I’m going back to my gaming roots — the good ol’, blow the game cartridge when it won’t work, Mario-lovin’, Duck Huntin’ NES. Although I think that the N64 is my favorite Nintendo system of all time (I can hear some gamers crying and shouting in disbelief right now.) it was the NES that pulled me into the world of gaming.


I dominated some games — SMB 2 and 3, Contra, Maniac Mansion, I wondered around aimlessly in others — Legend of Zelda was a little advanced for an 9 year old Jess, and I convinced myself others were there only for the purpose of *not* being beaten — TMNT, Paperboy, Gauntlet.


But I didn’t care how difficult they were, I loved (and love) gaming. I watched the Super Mario Bros show *cough*OK, I still do*cough*, begged my mom to buy Nintendo cereal, and I carried that love to the present day.

So, I figured it was time to pay a little homage to my gaming roots.


Awesome, no?

I haven’t had time to stitch it up myself, (A little thing called the Dark World map has consumed my life.) but it’s a small project — you should easily be able to get to done by a weekend. So enjoy the gaming nostalgia.


Like always, if you decide to tackle the project, let me know! Tag me on Twitter or IG if you post there (I’m @craftinggeek at both.) or drop a comment.

Happy crafting!

Per Audacia ad astra (Or, how to get one step closer to world domination)

In the video game world, my love is basically divided among three subjects: Nintendo, Halo, and Bungie. (OK, there is a sliver for Kingdom Hearts and LEGO games –and the Batman Arkham series– but you get the point.)

It seemed appropriate that in celebration of Bungie Day, I would decide to craft something.


“Something” being the Bungie crest that communicates its power as our future overlord with the swords and the barehanded grip of a lightning bolt.

(Thor holds no power over them.)

I was tempted to use the image straight from their Twitter avatar. But then I remembered rule number one I learned from last year’s failed Bungie Day craft.


I went the begging route and dropped DeeJ an email asking for the image.

He said no.

I cried.

The end.

No craft this year.

I, of course, am kidding. He sent me the file with nary a raised eyebrow and I was set.

Originally wanted to do some kind of blackwork the incorporated the various logos of Bungie’s past (and present) games, but some of the logos (Oni and Marathon, in particular) were not going to translate well into AIDA cloth.


Then, I thought I would embroider the crest with the logos inside, but the more I thought about, the more I thought it would end up looking, well, like this.


So, I ditched that idea and embraced the KISS principle and everything was set.


I found this piece of silk that was frayed, forlorn, and had basically given up on the idea that it could ever be turned into something amazing in the bottom of my fabric bin, but I saw its potential, even though it couldn’t.

Now I’ll be the first to tell you, I’m not 100% confident when it comes to embroidery. Cross-stitching is safe and comfortable, like a teddy bear. The squares and I…


But, there are a couple of stitches that I enjoy in the world of embroidery. (The chain stitch, especially.)  So, I decided to stick with those stitches for this project.  I knew this was going to be an easy craft — I penciled in maybe 4-5 hours of work. I certainly didn’t expect for it to go as quickly as it did.


As I looked upon its awesomeness, it registered in my mind…I actually finished the project early.


Victory lap time, baby!


So, happy Bungie Day everyone! Bungie, thank you for making epic games and having some awesome people work within your ranks. Awesome Bungie community (yes, I’m looking at you), you all are so amazing and I am blessed to consider so many of you my friends. ❤ ❤ Enjoy the beta that’s coming out later this month, and become legend. 😀 😀

As for me, I’m off to craft some more. I’ll give you one clue what I’m working on. It rhymes with Stark twirled.

DotA Tread on Me…

Recently, I was asked to commission a piece — a DotA logo pillow.

Now I’ll admit, other than reading a few of random tweets on the subject, I know nothing about the game. Defense of the Ancients? That could quite possibly be the title of the new Stargate movie, for all I knew.

Thankfully, I was provided with a huge, beautiful hi-res image to work with. (We remember what happens when one works with a lo-res image when creating awesomeness, right? If you answered with the “Destiny Cross-stitch of doom,” you are correct.)

A quick trip to the craft store later, I was ready to create awesomeness. I drew out the pattern for the main design and tackled attempt #1. I knew he wanted red cotton (I went with a knit because it’s oh-so-cozy) and black velvet and had been debating whether I wanted the red to lay on top of the black or visa versa.


So, I went with red on top…I traced the outline and set to cutting it out. (Those edges are something, let me tell you.) When I was done, it looked pretty sweet. (I’m humble, I know.) I knew I was going to have to fray check the edges because the last thing I wanted was for him to get an unraveled mess of DotAness.

That was when trouble started. *cue tears*


I have used Fray Check enough to know that there is a chance that it can discolor the edges. I really hoped that the fabric wouldn’t do that because, hey, I loved it. I saved it from sitting on a store shelf. It was going to help make something geeky (and, yes, awesome).

…what was that saying about beggars and horses again?

However, it was clear that it was going to have a slight discoloration. I’ll be honest, it could have worked. It might have looked slightly rustic (aka not perfect), but the edges were clean. Still, I couldn’t do that and have it haunt me like the Destiny cross-stitch, so I came up with a plan to try to salvage it (again, the cuts were solid). My great idea? Having Babe go and pick me up some red dye.


I’ll give you one guess how that worked out. #fail (I promise, that will be the last time I use a hashtag in my blog, LOL.)


Finally, I conceded defeat and went to attempt #2. Putting the black pieces on top of the red fabric and it worked like a charm. 😀 😀


Now it’s back to (you guessed it) the Dark World (which, quite possibly, I’ll have done by my birthday which will be *awesome*).