DotA Tread on Me…

Recently, I was asked to commission a piece — a DotA logo pillow.

Now I’ll admit, other than reading a few of random tweets on the subject, I know nothing about the game. Defense of the Ancients? That could quite possibly be the title of the new Stargate movie, for all I knew.

Thankfully, I was provided with a huge, beautiful hi-res image to work with. (We remember what happens when one works with a lo-res image when creating awesomeness, right? If you answered with the “Destiny Cross-stitch of doom,” you are correct.)

A quick trip to the craft store later, I was ready to create awesomeness. I drew out the pattern for the main design and tackled attempt #1. I knew he wanted red cotton (I went with a knit because it’s oh-so-cozy) and black velvet and had been debating whether I wanted the red to lay on top of the black or visa versa.


So, I went with red on top…I traced the outline and set to cutting it out. (Those edges are something, let me tell you.) When I was done, it looked pretty sweet. (I’m humble, I know.) I knew I was going to have to fray check the edges because the last thing I wanted was for him to get an unraveled mess of DotAness.

That was when trouble started. *cue tears*


I have used Fray Check enough to know that there is a chance that it can discolor the edges. I really hoped that the fabric wouldn’t do that because, hey, I loved it. I saved it from sitting on a store shelf. It was going to help make something geeky (and, yes, awesome).

…what was that saying about beggars and horses again?

However, it was clear that it was going to have a slight discoloration. I’ll be honest, it could have worked. It might have looked slightly rustic (aka not perfect), but the edges were clean. Still, I couldn’t do that and have it haunt me like the Destiny cross-stitch, so I came up with a plan to try to salvage it (again, the cuts were solid). My great idea? Having Babe go and pick me up some red dye.


I’ll give you one guess how that worked out. #fail (I promise, that will be the last time I use a hashtag in my blog, LOL.)


Finally, I conceded defeat and went to attempt #2. Putting the black pieces on top of the red fabric and it worked like a charm. 😀 😀


Now it’s back to (you guessed it) the Dark World (which, quite possibly, I’ll have done by my birthday which will be *awesome*).

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