Can You Digg It?

Remember when I mentioned that I was going to make one chart from Arrow? Well, make that three. Really, I couldn’t not make a Digg cross-stitch because, well, it’s Digg.10724866_282784348587087_1337329228_n

He gave me a little trouble because originally I had his arms to his side, looking all stiff and uncomfortable.

Then, I watched the season premiere of Arrow and realized what it was missing: those crossed arms.


(Yeah, he’s standing there judging you. LOL)

This is a straightforward cross-stitch. No blending colors, no glow in the dark thread.

What you’ll need:
DMC colors: 317, 318, 801, 310
14 count aida cloth
Embroidery hoop (I kept mine in my 4″ hoop to go with the rest of the original Team Arrow.)
The chart (obviously)


And, as if that wasn’t enough, I made another Felicity pattern which I really, really like. (The other one works, but this…this I lurve.)

What you’ll need:
DMC threads: 310, 351, 321, 444, 3827
14 count aida cloth
Embroidery hoop
The Chart!


As a bonus, I put all the team together in one cross-stitch (which I probably would have done in the first place if I knew I was going to end up making the Starling Trio.)


Aaaaand, (This is like the big fireworks finale — I don’t think I’ll be making more Arrow cross-stitch patterns for a while) for you Olicity shippers, I made this for you. Go ahead and stitch it up while this season slowly breaks your heart.
20141022_073245 (1)

So, yes, now you can cross-stitch to your Arrow-lovin’ heart’s content. ❤ And always if you do decide to tackle this project, let me know!

Happy crafting!

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