Everything is Awesome!

So, I’ve been sitting on some Kreinik glow in the dark thread for a while now. (I had mentioned that I wanted to try some and @Kreinikgirl was kind enough to send a sample of it to me.) But I was waiting for the right pattern to come along and finally, last Friday, I found it over at Hugs Are Fun’s Free Pattern Friday post.

Fun, no?

But, I wanted to show off all the colors that I had received so I changed up the color pallet. And, being the true Californian I am, had to add “awesome” to it. (Because, everything is better with the word awesome, just ask writers of The Lego Movie.)


I managed to plow through it in a weekend which is pretty much unheard of for me, but I had some, ahem, awesome people to keep me company while I stitched the days away.

The glow in the dark thread was a breeze to work with. (Much better than its DMC counterpart, but it is, like I said on Twitter, noisy thread.) And, despite it being practically impossible to photograph, it glows really well.

So, if you’re looking for a quick project to inspire you to make something (awesome) every day, go download the pattern over at Hugs Are Fun. And if you’re looking for some bright, happy glow in the dark thread, go to your local craft store and snag some Kreinik thread.

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6 thoughts on “Everything is Awesome!

  1. I LOVE the colors you went with, and I agree that the Kreinik is noisy but totally a breeze to work with! Thanks for sharing your finished piece! ā¤

  2. It looks great šŸ™‚

    I’ve found that if you hold a really bright torch or the light of your mobile phone right up against the embroidery and move it around a bit you can load up the threads (while you are in an already just about dark room) so they are bright enough for a camera to see – 2 people doing the “loading” means you have more time to photograph šŸ™‚

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