Philin’ Good…

Or…not so much.
(OK, it’s not that bad.)

So, back in December, I set out to make my incredible sissy from another missy a cross-stitching project for Christmas. It didn’t take me long to figure out what I was going to do. (This is a lie. I stressed about it the entire time I was making the mushroom stockings.)

Finally, it came to me. Agent Coulson.

So, I tried a couple of pictures from the show but nothing converted over well on my program. It was too dark. It looked like his face was a giant blob. You get the point. Then, I thought…FUNKO POP FIGURE TIME!

And the pattern looked beautiful.

But, the cross-stitching part? Was not so beautiful. Maybe it was because I was trying to rush things to get it to her by Christmas (which did not happen, by the way), but I messed up the count so much, it was utterly tragic.

sad smile steve
And I’m not talking about miscounting it by like a couple of squares, ignoring it, and changing the chart so you don’t have to completely undo your work. (Come on, I know I’m not the only one out there who does that, right?) I’m talking about hundreds of squares off by two columns.

What was I thinking? Was I *that* distracted by Barry’s smile?

Or Oliver working out on the salmon ladder?

Ahem, regardless of the reason, I messed up BIG TIME and I refused to go back and take all the stitches out which meant it was time for Improv Stitching!

Overall, it turned out pretty well. Coulson is a little more broad shouldered than I intended, but hey, he’s been working out this season. (That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.)


Here is the chart if you want to tackle it. It’s a bit beastly, and lots of colors (blame my pattern maker), but if you want to tackle it, I’m not going to stop you. (And hey, maybe send a picture my way so I can see how the pattern SHOULD look like, LOL)

Chart page 1
Chart page 2
Color key

Have fun and as always, happy crafting! 😀 😀

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