WIP Wednesday

So far, 2015 is the year of WIPs. Seriously, I have so many of them and I want to start more. (Something is wrong with me, I know.)

I have three major projects going on right now — Rapunzel, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and the Light World — and one semi-big project. I tend to work on one until I am sick of it and then bounce to another.

So, for the past week or so I’ve been working on this…

…which should be done…soonish. I’m hoping it’ll be done by the weekend, but I’m thinking it will probably take the better part of a week.

So far with this bad boy, I haven’t had any issues with it. (Though I am getting tired of ALL THE GREYS, but what can you do?)

And, I’m slowly working on Rapunzel which is enormous. (Sometimes I think the hardest part of capturing a cross-stitch in a picture is that the size of it is often lost.)

This one is taking a lot more brain power because I’m having to modify the chart SO MUCH. I think the person who made the chart was trying to keep the color count down (or something) which has made for some interesting coloring.

Yellow (the same yellow used for part of her hair) as skin? Green for other sections of her hair? (The chlorine jokes on IG were priceless, I’ll tell you.)

That coloring madness isn’t happening on my cross-stitch.

I should be bouncing back to Steve soon. I wanted to have it done by the time Age of Ultron came out (heh), but that’s just not happening.

What about you guys? Any WIP magic happening in your home?

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