You have not failed this cross-stitch

I’ll admit I imagined Stephen Amell saying that, oh, a million or so times while I was working on this sucker.

(It’s the little things, ok?)

So, actually this cross-stitch came to be because A.) Babe loves the show and B.) after this from Xbox, how could I not tackle (another) Arrow cross-stitch?

So when I set off on this Arrowtastic journey, I thought it was going to take me 7-10 days to finish. Easy as pie, I thought. It might be close to 10k squares, but really, how long could that take?

Oh foolish Jess….when will I be able to count? Or figure out a realistic time frame?  (The answer is, of course, never.)

The project itself was easy. No major miscounts, no weeping into my pillow at night. So despite the fact it took three times as long as I had anticipated, it was a fun project to do. Although with all the grey, it wasn’t exactly the most vibrant color scheme ever, LOL

10899428_792074107514152_1509511632_nBut, I’m thrilled to pieces with how it turned out. And now it’s onto a little project for my nephew then back to either Rapunzel, Steve, or the Light World. (I love having to make “difficult” decisions like this, LOL)

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