WIP Wednesday (Part 1,506,976)

So, last week, I asked people on Instagram and Twitter which project I should tackle after my nephew’s Radiohead bear: Rapunzel, the Light World, or Captain America?

10979657_960010157342663_666445269_n (1)

And, of course, the vote was pretty much evenly split, LOL. So, I tried a new tactic and grabbed the bag of thread closest to me. It had Cap’s colors so he won for the week.

(For right now, I’m going to bounce to a different project each week until one grabs a hold of me a won’t let go.)

So, after a week of working on this bad boy, I got this far. (At least you can start to make out Nick Fury’s face, right?)


I forgot how beastly this project is. Though compared to the three, it is the smallest at 54,000 squares. (I know, I’m crazy.)

I *think* I’m going to work on this for a couple of more days, but with my fickle self, who knows if I’ll last that long? LOL

(I’m moving onto the Light World, for those who are wondering.)

And what about all of you? Any amazing crafts going on in your world? Tell! Share! And as always, happy crafting! 😀 😀

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I make crafts. I geek out. Sometimes, I geek out about making crafts.

2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday (Part 1,506,976)

  1. I know a lot of people who hate having multiple projects at once and just want to finish their project before starting another. I’m with you though, I love having different ones to bounce around to depending on how I’m feeling.

    I’m super excited about all of these and can’t wait to see them grow!

  2. 54000 stitches? That’s actually pretty small compared to my wips, but then again, I’m a megalomaniac when it comes to stitching 😀 And even though I promised myself not to start anything until I finish at least one of my 6 current wips… yeah, that resolution didn’t last long 😀

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