WIP Wednesday: Week 854,958

You know, these WIP days really do help reassure me that, yes, I’m making progress. (I’m sure it’s a feeling most crafters can relate to.)


So, last week, I ditched Cap and turned my attention to a certain Hyrulian map. I *think* I’m going to try to finish it around the same time I completed the Dark World map last year which means I have under six months to complete this sucker.

(I don’t want to think about the math — 65k squares (plus the other projects I have planned) / 5.5 months = doable…maybe)20150318_115350

Er, maybe not doable? LOL

(No, really, it’s doable. The challenge will be not getting distracted with other projects to get this done on time.)

Now, I’m off to stitch! And as always, happy crafting! ❤ ❤