Sorry, Luigi, but your princess is in another cross-stitch

Remember when I made my Princess Peach cross-stitch pattern
last year and said if someone wanted me to make a Princess Daisy chart I would?

Well, that time has come, my friends! (Seriously, thank you, Jenny. I have wanted a reason to make this pattern for a while.)

I haven’t had time to make it (because, um, Light World), so this is what it *should* look like, at least according to my program, LOL

What you’ll need:

The chart
14 count aida cloth
DMC thread colors: 5200 (though you can use white), 739, 444, 3864, 3024, 975, 900, 741, and 947

If you do finish this project, please tag me either here, on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook because I want to see Daisy in all of her finished glory. 😀 😀