The Crafts Will Come Out…Tomorrow

Oh yeah, it’s back on May 1. It’s #30for30crafting time (for all of you who don’t follow me and haven’t heard all the nagging encouraging I’ve been doing.)

Watch the vid. Ask a question (of you have any). Join in the madness. Simple as that. ❤ ❤

A Highly Ant-icipated Cross-Stitch

So, back in January, my friend Rachel made the off-handed comment about how the Ant-Man promo poster would be a really simple project to tackle.

It sort of stuck in my mind, but I really didn’t think much about it until the Big, Bad, Burnout came along.


(I’m not *really* burned out of the Light World or my other big projects, but being able to complete a project does wonders for my drive.)


20150414_174638 (1)

The hardest thing about this project was making the chart. My pattern maker wanted me to use 31 (!) colors to get the shaded effect. An afternoon of wrestling with my program got it down to 6 (ok, 8 with Ant-Man and the backstitching).

I managed to crank this sucker out in two days, but I put in close to 10 hours into it (thanks nighttime shows that I mostly ignore in the favor of cross-stitching, LOL)

(Speaking of which, Barry, you need to smile more. Frowny faces are for Oliver.)

So, you wanna make your own movie poster? Of course you do. Here’s what you’ll need:

14 count AIDA cloth (the design is 8″ x 10″)
DMC colors: 310, 817, 3777, 606, 900, 3857, 221, and white
The chart

I used symbols for this chart because the colors are so similar, so here’s the breakdown:

X – 3857
| – 221
O – 3777
Triangle – 817
Diamond – 900
Upside-down triangle – 606

Also, you’ll notice the chart doesn’t have the two squares for the black. That’s because I’m lazy. Just go right in the middle of your rectangle and put two little squares of 310 and you’ll be as right as rain.

Now I’m back to the Light World and working on my project for the #bestbirthdayswapever (which I won’t be able to show you until after I send it off).

As always, if you tackle this project, let me know! And until next time, happy crafting!

Add This to Your Crafting Arsenal

Oh, blog post titles, you amuse me greatly.

So, after Wednesday’s episode, I figured it was time for Roy to get his own cross-stitch sprite. And voila! The fastest turnaround ever (especially for me).

Doesn’t he look awesome with his fellow Team Arrow sprites?
I combined two strands of 3685 and one of 150, but honestly, you really can’t see any kind of difference so, um, just stick with 3685 (or combine it with a more contrasting red color). 20150403_093010The chart is super easy (if you’ve done the Oliver one, you already know that).

What you’ll need:

4″ hoop
14 count AIDA cloth
DMC colors: 310, 150/3685, 3856, 423
The chart

As always, if you tackle this, tag me and let me know! Happy crafting! 😀 😀

WIP Wednesday: Week 8,305

I know, I didn’t post a WIP Wednesday last week, mostly because my SUPER AWESOME WEEKEND OF CROSS-STITCHING turned into a not-so-awesome weekend of taking out 200-300 stitches because I couldn’t count.

But now we are up to week 3 of the Light World and I think it’s going pretty well. (Famous last words.)

This is where I was on week 3 on the Dark World, BUT, I also started like two (three?) months earlier so I still have my work cut out for me if I’m wanting to finish by the beginning of September.


I knew I wanted to finish the Haunted Grove this weekend and, shock of all shocks, I actually made my self-imposed deadline!

I also started my Xbox cross-stitch, mostly to avoid burnout. (Though so far I’m feeling pretty good and I’m not hating the Light World…yet, LOL)

About you? What are you working on? Awesomeness, I’m sure.  😀 😀