Stick a needle in it, this sucker is done!

(I still amuse myself far too much with my blog titles.)

So, as you know, sometimes, believe it or not, I experience it…


That’s right. Burnout.

I knew I had been fighting it for a while because I couldn’t get focused on the Light World, felt sort of meh with the Amsterdam cross-stitch, and pushed myself to finish something — the Xbox symbol. Still, after I finished the Xbox logo, I can’t find my cross-stitching groove.

So I moved onto a crafting technique that I rarely use: sewing. Like with a machine and everything.

Today’s project: a needlebook with a special guest star, Captain America.

Handsome fellow, isn’t he?

I found this nifty little tutorial over here and pretty much followed it exactly. (Except for the 3″ elastic cord. I’m far to cheap and lazy to go to Jo-Ann for that. I just took a ponytail holder –a new one– and cut it at the seam. Voila! A perfect 3″ piece of elastic cord.)

I have had this Marvel comic fabric for the better part of the year. I’m still trying to decide what to do with the rest of it, but I could make do with a little chunk of it missing, LOL

It didn’t take long at all to make — maybe an hour, probably less. Then it was time to fill it up with goodies!

20150519_194345Look at that fancy ribbon hold my scissors, ROFL.

And my awesome, incredible needle minders! ❤ ❤ (And yes, there are actual needles up in the front of the book, but I couldn’t make them look interesting, no matter how hard I tried.)

Do you have a needlebook? What sort of goodies do you have in yours? 

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I make crafts. I geek out. Sometimes, I geek out about making crafts.

5 thoughts on “Stick a needle in it, this sucker is done!

    1. Exactly! I went through a quilting binge several years ago, so I feel like using the sewing machine is a good escape from the hoop, aida cloth, and ALL THE SQUARES!

    1. I think so too! Usually I get this way after I majorly messed up (“Oh noes! I never want to see this project EVER AGAIN!!”) But this time it’s more of like, “can’t see the chart for the squares” (or something like that, LOL). I usually will walk away for a few days (weeks or months in the case of some projects) and then when I miss it, I’ll come back to it.

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