WIP Wednesday #365,975

Another week, another random WIP Wednesday…

To be honest, I thought that #30for30crafting would be the push I needed to get major progress done on the Light World. That, um, did not happen. (I’ll have a roundup vid of the month next week.)


But, I have slowly slogged my way through burnout and am finally starting to (re)feel the giddiness of cross-stitching once again.  So, yay?

(Now if I could stop getting distracted by Destiny — both playing and watching Babe play — everything would be fine and dandy.)


I have two projects that I’ve been working on: the Light World (obviously) and Amsterdam which I am making for my Dutch princess, San.

I’m still hoping to get the Light World done by Sept (heh) and I would love do have this finished for San, well, as soon as possible.

What about you guys? What WIP have been taking up your crafting time?