WIP Wednesday #365,975

Another week, another random WIP Wednesday…

To be honest, I thought that #30for30crafting would be the push I needed to get major progress done on the Light World. That, um, did not happen. (I’ll have a roundup vid of the month next week.)


But, I have slowly slogged my way through burnout and am finally starting to (re)feel the giddiness of cross-stitching once again.  So, yay?

(Now if I could stop getting distracted by Destiny — both playing and watching Babe play — everything would be fine and dandy.)


I have two projects that I’ve been working on: the Light World (obviously) and Amsterdam which I am making for my Dutch princess, San.

I’m still hoping to get the Light World done by Sept (heh) and I would love do have this finished for San, well, as soon as possible.

What about you guys? What WIP have been taking up your crafting time?

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3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday #365,975

  1. I’m determined to get the last of the beading done on Stargazer. So many things that I want to start but I cringe when I think of my WIP pile growing; I just know that if I leave something long enough it will slide to the UFO heap (which actually is only three things, so not quite as bad as it could be). But beading on dark 32ct with invisible thread? Ugh.

    1. Oh, I know the feeling! I have two (three?) big projects that I want to start, but I know I will lose steam on the other things I’m working on. Seriously though, I do not envy you having to do all that beadwork…but you can do it! And when you finish, it will look incredible! 😀

      1. I’m picking up Mum’s fairy from the framer tonight, so I’m going to get quotes on Stargazer. Taking lots of photos as I have no idea what frame I want yet!

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