(Heart)less is More

I love me some Kingdom Hearts. And after last week’s E3 trailer (with a Tangled level!!!), I knew I had to make the Heartless symbol that had been waiting for me.


I decided to pull out the water soluable canvas for this one — I wanted the red to really pop against the black. And I went with half-stitches because I think they work better with all the angles.


The project took me the beter part of 4-5 hours and then it was time for its bath. I hadn’t worked with a piece of the canvas that had so much exposed when I rinsed it off, but it worked like a charm.


If you wanna make your own, here’s the chart. The final size is about 6″ x 4″heartless11

As always, if you tackle this project, let me know. Happy crafting!

(Sher)lock, stock, and barrel

So, earlier this year, I signed up to take part of the #bestbirthdayeverswap. It’s a fun swap where you get three partners throughout the year and then, when it’s your birthday month, you get three packages. YAY FOR AWESOMENESS!

My first partner’s birthday is today and I sent her a bunch of goodies, including this Sherlock cross-stitch.

The pattern comes from cloudfactory. (Seriously, I want to make all of the fandom ones — they are so cute!)

I also made her a needlebook, got a couple of postcards, some candy, and craft supplies! (I love the ribbon, I got for her, but um, I forgot to take a pic of it.)

I’ve got a good couple of months until the next package is due and I’m already super excited to work on it. But seriously, if y’all get a chance, pop on over on IG and check out the #bestbirthdayeverswap — there are some really fun gifts people are making!

Now I’m off to finish making some cherry pie — wish me luck, LOL

WIP Wednesday: Week 1701-D

So, I’m glad to report back that giving myself permission to work on a new project, a bit of life sparked back in my cross-stitching ways.

I didn’t work on anything except the Warlock from Destiny for five days. I probably sunk in about 10 hours or so, but I am happy with how far I got on it. By the end of Monday though, I’m like, “OK, getting tired of all the aqua and grey (which is saying something because those are my favorite colors).”

On Tuesday, I actually picked up the Amsterdam cross-stitch and didn’t have a total freak out! Cue the happy dance!

So, as is my habit, I found a good video game playthrough to watch in the background– Super Mario Sunshine — and got distracted, I mean, stitched part of the day away.

I’m finally feeling good about cross-stitching again which practically makes me want to cry. I missed my first love. And while I am not back to my normal self — I still find myself want to embroider something just so I can have something in the finished pile — I am encouraged by the progress I made this week. I might actually take –and work! — on my projects when I go out this week.

Speaking of which, how do y’all transport your threads when you take your projects to go (or move around the house from place to place to work)? I’m not talking about Projects of Eternity like this:


I’m talking about 12-18 colors. (Yes, that’s small for me.) I’ve tried the “cram them in a baggie” approach.

The” throw them on the counter” approach…

And my personal favorite “just toss them in the bag on top of the chart” approach.

But seriously, I’m looking for something useful where I don’t have to wind ALL THE BOBBINS because, honestly, for a project that I’m not going to be working on for 6+ months, I’m too lazy to wind anything, ROFL.

WIP Wednesday: Week 56,985

Honestly, there isn’t much to show off here. (Probably not the best way to introduce a WIP post, I know.)

I’ve been holding off on several cross-stitching projects because I don’t want to lose focus (what focus?) on the Light World and Amsterdam. “Nope,” I told myself, “Not gonna start anything until I finish Amsterdam!”

That has not worked out well for me, my friends.

So, today I’m gonna start working on a new project (a Warlock from Destiny) despite the fact that I’m not anywhere close to the end of Amsterdam.


Part of me is worried that I won’t touch Amsterdam or the Light World until Autumn 2015, that I’ll miss my self-imposed deadline for the Light World, and there will be FAILURE ALL AROUND. But I think that has been part of my problem — too much pressure.

We’ll see if taking the burden off me on those two project is what the doctor ordered. Maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll feel inspired to work on those two projects again, but for now, I’m going to set them to the side and see them when I see them.

So, I’m interested…how do you guys work through a project that you just don’t want to finish? Force yourself to complete it? Set it to the side?


In a lot of ways, this month’s #30for30crafting was a total failure. I thought I was going to get MASSIVE, MAJOR work done on the Light World, but that wasn’t what happened.


And in that fact, I guess this month’s #30for30crafting was a complete success. Despite not doing what I thought I would be doing, I pushed through my crafting funk, making myself work on something, anything, for that day.


I made a couple of needlebooks, a fabric box, a Narwhal pillow, a trio of mini guinea hams, finished the Xbox symbol, and barely touched the Light World and Amsterdam (or the two projects I thought I would completely destroy this month).


I’m realizing that it’s ok I didn’t achieve the goal I had originally set out to do. Instead of plowing through 10-12k squares, I managed about 1k, but I did pull my sewing machine out of retirement.

But enough of me, let’s talk about the amazing way y’all participated in the #30for30crafting. There is SO MUCH AWESOMENESS! ❤ You guys were completely fantastic and I’m floored by how many people participated and/or encouraged each other. I love you.

As for when the next #30for30crafting…well, I leave that up to you guys. August? September? October? I’m game whenever you are. ❤

Ham It Up

Yup, Mollie’s at it again.

OK, technically, she has nothing to do with my burnout, but her clever crafts have kept me crafting even though cross-stitching is not my friend right now.


The latest project? Mini Guinea Hams.

When she first posted the Star Wars Guinea Hams, I fell in love. When my girls saw it, they too fell in love and then came up with all kinds of ideas — Nintendo characters! Marvel! DC! More Nintendo!

(As you can see, Babe and I are raising our girls right.)

Before I tackled their ideas, I wanted to actually make one that Mollie had made so I could get a feel for how to make this project.

It was super simple. Er, or maybe I should say, “Super simple, it was.”

Feeling confident, I bought the supplies for the girls’ number one choice of a Guinea Ham — Toon Link. I probably made the project more complicated than I needed to. I wanted to pay homage to his cute, adorable eyes which is why I embroidered them rather than cut out little black circles.

Then, I was just going to make him with his clothes, but when I woke up the next morning after making the little dude, I was like, “He NEEDS HIS SHIELD!!”

Hello, improv stitching, LOL. It’s not perfect, but you know what? I’m ok with that. Having an imperfect shield made him look more Link-y than without it.  And he’s so adorable, I just want to squeeze his little face.


(OK, not really. It took me a long time to stitch him.)

Next was Baymax (Sorry, Disney, I would have given you my money, but I can’t find the Tsum Tsum anywhere.) and he was SOOO EASY (as you can probably imagine).

I plan on making more in the future — I think the next ones will be Master Chief and/or Flash. Then, I need to make some ladies — maybe Batgirl for Babe? The possibilities are endless. ❤