Ham It Up

Yup, Mollie’s at it again.

OK, technically, she has nothing to do with my burnout, but her clever crafts have kept me crafting even though cross-stitching is not my friend right now.


The latest project? Mini Guinea Hams.

When she first posted the Star Wars Guinea Hams, I fell in love. When my girls saw it, they too fell in love and then came up with all kinds of ideas — Nintendo characters! Marvel! DC! More Nintendo!

(As you can see, Babe and I are raising our girls right.)

Before I tackled their ideas, I wanted to actually make one that Mollie had made so I could get a feel for how to make this project.

It was super simple. Er, or maybe I should say, “Super simple, it was.”

Feeling confident, I bought the supplies for the girls’ number one choice of a Guinea Ham — Toon Link. I probably made the project more complicated than I needed to. I wanted to pay homage to his cute, adorable eyes which is why I embroidered them rather than cut out little black circles.

Then, I was just going to make him with his clothes, but when I woke up the next morning after making the little dude, I was like, “He NEEDS HIS SHIELD!!”

Hello, improv stitching, LOL. It’s not perfect, but you know what? I’m ok with that. Having an imperfect shield made him look more Link-y than without it.  And he’s so adorable, I just want to squeeze his little face.


(OK, not really. It took me a long time to stitch him.)

Next was Baymax (Sorry, Disney, I would have given you my money, but I can’t find the Tsum Tsum anywhere.) and he was SOOO EASY (as you can probably imagine).

I plan on making more in the future — I think the next ones will be Master Chief and/or Flash. Then, I need to make some ladies — maybe Batgirl for Babe? The possibilities are endless. ❤

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