In a lot of ways, this month’s #30for30crafting was a total failure. I thought I was going to get MASSIVE, MAJOR work done on the Light World, but that wasn’t what happened.


And in that fact, I guess this month’s #30for30crafting was a complete success. Despite not doing what I thought I would be doing, I pushed through my crafting funk, making myself work on something, anything, for that day.


I made a couple of needlebooks, a fabric box, a Narwhal pillow, a trio of mini guinea hams, finished the Xbox symbol, and barely touched the Light World and Amsterdam (or the two projects I thought I would completely destroy this month).


I’m realizing that it’s ok I didn’t achieve the goal I had originally set out to do. Instead of plowing through 10-12k squares, I managed about 1k, but I did pull my sewing machine out of retirement.

But enough of me, let’s talk about the amazing way y’all participated in the #30for30crafting. There is SO MUCH AWESOMENESS! ❤ You guys were completely fantastic and I’m floored by how many people participated and/or encouraged each other. I love you.

As for when the next #30for30crafting…well, I leave that up to you guys. August? September? October? I’m game whenever you are. ❤

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