WIP Wednesday: Week 56,985

Honestly, there isn’t much to show off here. (Probably not the best way to introduce a WIP post, I know.)

I’ve been holding off on several cross-stitching projects because I don’t want to lose focus (what focus?) on the Light World and Amsterdam. “Nope,” I told myself, “Not gonna start anything until I finish Amsterdam!”

That has not worked out well for me, my friends.

So, today I’m gonna start working on a new project (a Warlock from Destiny) despite the fact that I’m not anywhere close to the end of Amsterdam.


Part of me is worried that I won’t touch Amsterdam or the Light World until Autumn 2015, that I’ll miss my self-imposed deadline for the Light World, and there will be FAILURE ALL AROUND. But I think that has been part of my problem — too much pressure.

We’ll see if taking the burden off me on those two project is what the doctor ordered. Maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll feel inspired to work on those two projects again, but for now, I’m going to set them to the side and see them when I see them.

So, I’m interested…how do you guys work through a project that you just don’t want to finish? Force yourself to complete it? Set it to the side?

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8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Week 56,985

  1. I usually try the martial way first (“me sleep until this gets finished!!”) and then if it’s too much or something else that is just as awesome passes by.. I simply can’t help but start it and put aside ye olde WIPPE.
    the good thing is that while I’m working on the new, if I think back to the old piece and appreciate all the good in it, I kind of trick myself into wanting to pick it up again.. it’s just a brain game but it works for me! 😜🙌🏻

    1. That is usually how I do things…it’s like if I give it enough space, I’ll be like, “Oh! I remember why I wanted to make you in the first place!” and then my drive to work on it will be kindled again.

  2. I used to try and force myself but found it made me pretty annoyed about the project. So now I set it aside for when I’m in a better head space. If you have a project that gets you excited, just focus on that! No pressure, no worries .. Just creating for the hell of it.

    Take this advice with a grain of salt; dont let you WIP pile get so high that you’re overwhelmed at the mere thought it haha 🙂

    1. Yup! I’m taking the “no pressure” approach — I think I’ve been pushing myself on the Light World so much, I sort of resent it.

      And oh, the Neverending WIP pile — it is a scary thing indeed. A few years back, it was so bad, I took four months and finished several projects because I couldn’t stand adding anything else to the pile. It’s a *little* more manageable now, LOL

      1. Nothing worse than resenting your project .. You rush it just to be finished, then get annoyed if things don’t work.

        The bandaid approach to WIPs is sometimes such a good thing! Then you don’t feel so guilty when you buy new fabric or yarn hehe 😉

  3. I’m all about the diverted attention, as long as I’m working on something every evening for several hours, I know I’ll get around to all of my projects eventually. If I’m trying to get something finished, I won’t usually let myself start any new projects. And, that puts fire under my belly.

  4. To be honest if I am not enjoying a project I put it away and I am not usually bothered whether I pick it up again or not. Yes it does mean I have loads of WIPs but the way I look at it I stitch because I enjoy it and if I don’t enjoy it then I don’t do it. I have tried forcing myself but I just end up hating the project even more. Not every hobby has some finished product that you produce and I say to myself I am doing it because I enjoy the process. The finished item is just a bonus!

    1. I meant to comment on last week — bad blogger. I love your perspective here…in fact it’s been in my head all week long. So thank you for your awesome insight! 😀

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