WIP Wednesday: Week 1701-D

So, I’m glad to report back that giving myself permission to work on a new project, a bit of life sparked back in my cross-stitching ways.

I didn’t work on anything except the Warlock from Destiny for five days. I probably sunk in about 10 hours or so, but I am happy with how far I got on it. By the end of Monday though, I’m like, “OK, getting tired of all the aqua and grey (which is saying something because those are my favorite colors).”

On Tuesday, I actually picked up the Amsterdam cross-stitch and didn’t have a total freak out! Cue the happy dance!

So, as is my habit, I found a good video game playthrough to watch in the background– Super Mario Sunshine — and got distracted, I mean, stitched part of the day away.

I’m finally feeling good about cross-stitching again which practically makes me want to cry. I missed my first love. And while I am not back to my normal self — I still find myself want to embroider something just so I can have something in the finished pile — I am encouraged by the progress I made this week. I might actually take –and work! — on my projects when I go out this week.

Speaking of which, how do y’all transport your threads when you take your projects to go (or move around the house from place to place to work)? I’m not talking about Projects of Eternity like this:


I’m talking about 12-18 colors. (Yes, that’s small for me.) I’ve tried the “cram them in a baggie” approach.

The” throw them on the counter” approach…

And my personal favorite “just toss them in the bag on top of the chart” approach.

But seriously, I’m looking for something useful where I don’t have to wind ALL THE BOBBINS because, honestly, for a project that I’m not going to be working on for 6+ months, I’m too lazy to wind anything, ROFL.

3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Week 1701-D

  1. I use floss bags (available on Amazon) and a large D-ring. The bags have holes to put on the D-ring and white space to write the number/symbol of the floss. I keep a small makeup bag for my needles/threader/scissors etc.

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