(Sher)lock, stock, and barrel

So, earlier this year, I signed up to take part of the #bestbirthdayeverswap. It’s a fun swap where you get three partners throughout the year and then, when it’s your birthday month, you get three packages. YAY FOR AWESOMENESS!

My first partner’s birthday is today and I sent her a bunch of goodies, including this Sherlock cross-stitch.

The pattern comes from cloudfactory. (Seriously, I want to make all of the fandom ones — they are so cute!)

I also made her a needlebook, got a couple of postcards, some candy, and craft supplies! (I love the ribbon, I got for her, but um, I forgot to take a pic of it.)

I’ve got a good couple of months until the next package is due and I’m already super excited to work on it. But seriously, if y’all get a chance, pop on over on IG and check out the #bestbirthdayeverswap — there are some really fun gifts people are making!

Now I’m off to finish making some cherry pie — wish me luck, LOL

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