With Great Crafting Comes Great Responsibility

It’s the beginning of July and my oldest is one year older.


(I haven’t come to terms with it yet, obviously.)

She didn’t want a cake this year, which left the theme of her party to us. And since she’s been on a HUGE Ultimate Spider-Man kick, I knew what it should be.


Sometimes the cheapest things make for the most fun crafts, you know? All that took was two rolls of streamers, some masking tape, and about 20 minutes. (Oh, and a picture if you’re unsure of the exact shape of a web — like I was.)

Then, because I’m totally crazy, I decided to that I wanted to make her a Miles Morales mini guinea ham. On her birthday. So, I locked myself in the craft room and set to work.


I had worried that the web would take forever and a day to complete, but once the initial outline was started, it was pretty easy. Cutting out that spider symbol though. 😛


After doing all the detail work, I just set about and finished the doll like I did with my previous ones. And I was finished with it before lunchtime! She loved it (which thrilled me to bits)!

Of course every time I work on one of these, I want to make a whole bunch of them…Maybe a Tangled collection should be next on my list.

But, for now, I’m back on the Light World and actually making solid progress on it! Whee!

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