Tetrimino Theory



For years, I wanted to make a cross-stitched bracelet themed around Tetris. I tried making one years ago with…not so good results. So, I tucked the idea away, but never really forgot about it. Then, yesterday, when I was in Hobby Lobby, I saw this wall of awesomeness.


I stood there for five minutes, wondering which delightful item I would bring home, but I already had made my choice as soon as I saw it on the wall.

As for the pattern, I just winged it. I started with the dropping pieces (I wanted one of each style) then moved down to the bottom, placing a random piece and building it off there.


Not bad, I think that kind of playing would get me to level 9 in no time, LOL

One thing that was great about the project is that it’s suuuuuper quick — maybe about three hours or so.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that Hobby Lobby has this brand — Cross-Stitch Style — up on their site yet, but if you have a store close to you, at least you can use the app and save 40% off which brings the bracelet down to 5.40.


Doesn’t it look so stylish? Babe and I were talking about all the geeky designs I could make while in line, but of course, the possibilities are endless! 😀

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