Week 3: Try the Special

Happy Monday! (Is that an oxymoron?)

​This week’s emblem is Try the Special. You knew ramen had to make its way onto the emblem collection, right? I mean, thanks to the marketing, it’s the like unofficial food of Destiny 2. This week’s colors are 310, 600, 996, and white, but again, if you have something kicking around your house that’s close, go for it.

On a side note, I always use three strands when I work with black thread on white aida. I loathe seeing the white peeking through (conversely, I use 3 strands of white on black aida), so if you notice your square has a little more white showing through the black, that is probably what’s going on.

Download link for this week’s pattern

Amazing goodness is coming from the #destiny2cal tag. Seriously, if you need a boost of encouragement, just go look and see what your fellow crafters are doing. I love seeing all the progress! ❤ I would really like to start linking back to some of your work, so if you don’t mind me using your picture (with credit/link back to your pic, of course) in a future newsletter, please let me know either as a reply to this or drop me a message on Twitter or IG.

As a reminder, all newsletters which have the previous emblems, instructions, legal stuff, introduction, etc. are available here. And if you’re having trouble receiving these newsletters, make sure to check your spam folder. As always. if you have any questions, drop them my way. 

Happy crafting!
Jess 😀 😀


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