Week 5: Pushing Forward

Happy Monday!

I promise you, I didn’t pick this week’s emblem because Wolfenstein 2 came out last Friday. At least, not on a conscious level. But, really, when you look at it, it kind of says “Wolfenstein” with the color scheme, LOL


I’m sorry. There is more white stitching on white aida this week. Use good lighting and try not to cry and shout when you inevitably stitch the same square because you couldn’t see the stitch you made previously. Or maybe that’s just me who does that.

If you notice, there is a slight difference between my pic and the chart — that’s because I am tinkering with the charts until I send them out to the masses. I’ll go back and update mine (maybe), but the sun is going down and I’m not battling daylight to take more pictures.

Hey look! I didn’t forget the chart this week!

Link to the Chart

As always, I love seeing all of the progress you all are making. And I’m always excited to see how each of you are making this project your own — whether you’re stitching them together or individually, adding or changing colors that you prefer, or stitching them out of order, I love it.

As a reminder, all newsletters which have the previous emblems, instructions, legal stuff, introduction, etc. are available on the main newsletter page. And if you’re having trouble receiving these newsletters, make sure to check your spam folder. As always, if you have any questions, drop them my way.

Happy Crafting,


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