Week 6: Lost Sectors

Happy Monday!

I have to admit that I’m sort of cheating this week. Kind of. I offered to make a cross-stitching piece for a charity giveaway and decided, hey, I could bump up the timeline (this was originally going to be week 8’s emblem) and save my brain from having to do another emblem within the week. (Four of the same kind was, well, boring, LOL)

So, you guys have options this week! Freedom! Pick out your favorite — make one! Make them all! (But know that in terms of the final layout, I only have one Lost Sector emblem in the piece so you would have three extra emblems floating around if you did decide to make them all.)

Because I shifted the order around slightly, the colors for this week weren’t on the massive list I sent out a few weeks ago. The colors you’ll need are:

Io (red): 606, 312, 814, 3047
Earth (brown): 434, 610, 3371, 3047
Nessus (green): 166, 3347, 3345, 3047
Titan (blue): 518, 312, 311, 3047

The chart (I uploaded the red one, but the pattern is exactly the same for all of the Lost Sector emblems). The first number is the top color, the second is the middle, the third is the bottom color, the last color is the symbol itself.

I also have the colors needed for the next six weeks: 166, 310*, 334, 471, 791, 825, 833, 973, 996*, 3746, 3755, 3857, white*. If you want to see if you might have some colors kicking around your place that are similar to the colors needed, you can always try using an online color chart, like this one.

*These colors have been used in previous weeks.

As always, you guys continue to inspire me as I look at the #destiny2cal tag. Seriously, I’m so glad there are a group of us working together on this looooong project. It helps keep the creative train running! 😀 This week’s pic is from crossroadssiren. And remember to keep checking out that hashtag!

As a reminder, all newsletters which have the previous emblems, instructions, legal stuff, introduction, etc. are available on the main newsletter page. And if you’re having trouble receiving these newsletters, make sure to check your spam folder. As always. if you have any questions, drop them my way.  

Happy Crafting!
Jess 😀 😀


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