Week 10: New Pacific Access

Happy Monday!

​Sometimes (ok, most of the time) I feel like I’m running behind on the emblems and I’m making absolutely no progress on this crazy year-long project. Other times, like now, I look at my aida cloth and realize that we are already at week 10. Week 48 will be here before we know it.

​So, this week is New Pacific Access, or as I call it, an emblem that I actually have, LOL. The color scheme is fairly simple (I hope y’all have plenty of black): you’ll need 310 and 321. I used 666 here because I’m making a bunch of Santa Marios so, er, yeah. That (or any other red) totally works as a replacement color.

Download the chart

​As some of you know, the Curse of Osiris is coming out this week and the Dawning (I think) will be starting next week. So, especially in the case of the Dawning because it’s a timed event, any emblems that are released (and that I want to make) will be pushed to the front of the list. I know having a color list is convenient, so, I will do my best to get it to you as quickly as possible (probably week 13, after the Dawning emblems, if there are any, are revealed).

​(And yes, I really do stitch upside down sometimes.)

​I know this is a busy time of year, but be sure to check out the #destiny2cal hashtag on your social media of choice. And you have found that you are a little behind, please, don’t stress. This craft-a-long will be here, waiting for you when you have time and/or energy. ❤

​Also, if you are using the tinyletter.com/CraftingGeek/archive link to access the previous emblems, please be aware there are two pages now (the link to second page is at the bottom of the screen). I know there were a few people last week who couldn’t find them so I wanted to clarify that.

Now I’m off to stitch these Dawning snowflakes (I’m telling you, slowest. project. ever.)

Happy crafting,
​Jess 😀 😀


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