Week 9: Take the Throne

Happy Monday!

​I know some of you are probably recovering from the weekend of shopping ALL THE DEALS or stuffing yourself with some turkey. (I managed to show some restraint on both fronts.) But now it’s time to move onto more crafty things! This week’s emblem is Take the Throne.

​For those of you who are brave and talented enough to go through a raid, awesome for you. That is NOT for me. I’m much more of a “let’s go on patrol and punch some bad guys in the face” kind of person. Speaking of wanting to punch things, let’s talk about the colors for this pattern, shall we?

​When I made this pattern in my program originally, the colors they suggested were 791 and 3746. But, once I pulled the colors, I realized that 791 is not purple, but blue. Cue me frantically going through every single color of purple DMC has made. And as I looked, I discovered that most of them were just too much on the red side.

​I could go on and on (and on) about my angst, but I’ll try to spare you. Long story short, the colors I used were 550, 3746, and 833. 550 was NOT on the original list because my program tricked me. (Some times it’s really hard to see how a color looks on the screen compared to real life.) It’s not perfect — but I spent the better part of last week stressing about it and have to let it go at some point.

​However, if you don’t have 550 kicking around, some alternatives are 3887, (This purple only comes in the 2013 “new colors” multi-pack as far as I can tell. It is definitely more subtle than the 550, but if it was widely available, it would have been the color I would have chosen for the emblem.), or 327 (it’s a lot lighter than 550), or if you’re really feeling adventurous and don’t necessarily care about the swirl looking the way it is in the chart and just want some variation in the background, you can use variegated color 52 (if I was signed up for this as opposed to making the “official” pattern, I would be tempted to do this because I’m a sucker for variegated thread).

Download the chart

​And with that, we are halfway done with row two, if you’re doing the original pattern. You guys continue to amaze me with your enthusiasm and crafting skills! I mean, I know this can be a busy time of year — especially if you or your loved ones are in the retail jungle — but I always love and adore visiting the #destiny2cal hashtag.

​If you need any of the previous patterns, instructions, legal stuff, etc., be sure to go here. And, if you have any questions, just drop me an email or a tweet.

​Happy Crafting,


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