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WIP Wednesday: The End and a New Start

Project #2 for the year is done: K's Pokequilt.*throws confetti*I've made a decision that the next quilt that I'm doing, I am going to send it out to be quilted because I find it to be waaaaay too stressful to do.  It will cost a bit of money, but it's worth it. 😀  A's quilt… Continue reading WIP Wednesday: The End and a New Start


Week 6: The Pokequilt (aka WIP Wednesday)

The Pokequilt is done! *cue choir singing*Funny story, when I started piecing the quilt together last week, I kept looking at my pile of 1.75" squares and thinking, "Dude, there are a lot of squares left".  Then I dismissed it because, really, math was never my strong suit.  Then, after I pieced together the 35… Continue reading Week 6: The Pokequilt (aka WIP Wednesday)


Week 5: The Pokequilt (aka WIP Wednesday)

I came, I saw, I sewed.I conquered the rows!Progress!I still have another three rows to piece together.  Then it's border time! Woot!Once I finish this quilt top, then it's onto A's quilt.  We're still trying to figure out what she's wanting, but one thing is for certain, it will have lots of yellow in it.… Continue reading Week 5: The Pokequilt (aka WIP Wednesday)


The CSTWNBF (or the Cross Stitch That Will Never Be Finished) Week 792

Er, ok, so the week count isn't right.  But, it has been like over two years since I first put needle to thread.  At least I'm finally making steady progress on this project.  Who knows? Christmas 2012 may be the year that everyone sees this sucker framed, LOL.It's all about progress! 😀 😀