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The Pokequilt!

Well, I’ve kept my foot to the foot pedal and I’ve made some pretty good progress on this quilt.  Of course, K wants to know why it’s taking “so long” for me to finish it.  My answer is always the same: 1.700 squares, kid.

So, I managed to make all the rows for the 17 block As.

Lots and lots of squares!

Now, it’s onto the block B (I’ve got eighteen to make).  Then it will be the day (or more likely week) of ironing.  Yawn. Like major yawn.  Ironing is absolutely my least favorite part of quilting.  Good thing I have several other projects to do if it gets too boring! 😀

The CSTWNBF (or the Cross Stitch That Will Never Be Finished) Update

Well, thanks to my hubby watching G.I. Joe and my total lack of desire to watch it, I threw in my pair of headphones, started listening to No Doubt and made some progress on the sucker.

Progress baby! Who knows? Maybe I’ll actually finish it this year… *snicker*

Quilting Update

So, K’s quilt consists of about a million squares (OK, more like 1,700) and two block designs (cleverly named Block A and Block B).  Without further ado, I present an incomplete Block A.  I’m making all of the rows for Block A and Block B before I actually piece them together, but it’s nice to look like some progress is getting made!

The quilt

The goal is to have four quilts done from start to finish by the end of the year.  Er, yeah, I think it’s a bit of a stretch too. 

So I have started sewing K’s Pokemon Black and White Inspired Quilt.

The Color Inspiration:

The fabrics:

I’m going to do my best to post weekly updates…let’s see how it goes. 😀