Through the Rabbit Hole

This year, we decided that we'd participate in our church's Trunk or Treat event for Halloween. Our theme? Alice in Wonderland. I originally thought we'd go with the Tea Party theme, but nixed that idea when I found some awesome looking flowers over at Hobby Lobby. The Red Queen's garden, it was! We had three… Continue reading Through the Rabbit Hole


There and Beck again…

Unlike the laborious, tear-inducing Destiny cross-stitch, this latest video game cross-stitch was a breeze! (Don't have time for words? Just watch the progression video.) A little background...there is a Kickstarter going on for a game called Mighty No. 9.  The character that I cross-stitched is named Beck and he is rather adorable, no? I… Continue reading There and Beck again…

Crafting · Fangirling

Writing contests, word limits, and Bungie — oh my!

Recently, Bungie, er, The Black Garden (a group over at ran a contest: write a >300 word story about this image from Destiny. I didn't win the contest, but I did find it fun to try to write for a world we know practically nothing about. I wrote two ficlets. I ultimately chose the second… Continue reading Writing contests, word limits, and Bungie — oh my!


Caaaaaake! (And everything else I’ve been doing…)

This month has brought many projects to an end. (Thankfully.) In no particular order... Punch needle to my stepmom.   The Jen Taylor project (Yes, I actually sent them to her.)     Melted Snowman Ornament   Blue Quilted Ornament     And, because today's Babe's birthday, I had to make him a Halo cake.… Continue reading Caaaaaake! (And everything else I’ve been doing…)


I’m in your fandom, stealing your characters

So, I did it again. (Can you blame me?) First, let's start with the Halo. I know, I had Master Cheep and Cor-tern-a the last time, but since then I had to add a few characters to the mix. Why hello there... Let me introduce you to my friends. Master Cheep Cor-tern-a 343 Guilty Stork… Continue reading I’m in your fandom, stealing your characters