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That’s Miss TCSTIF to you

Dudes, I’d like to introduce you to The Cross Stitch That Is Finished:


*collaspes in relief*

Next on the crafting list, finishing up the Starburst quilt.

TCSTIAF (Week 72)

So, yeah, it’s not finished yet. (I forgot how much I absolutely despise backstitching.) But, here’s a pic in it’s completely cross-stitched, but not-yet-backstitched state.


Next week, it should be done because I’m suddenly going to find myself with a ton of free time since the little ones will be back in school. (sob sob)

TCSTIAF (Week 71)

I told myself when I was able to fit all of the areas needed to be stitched into my hoop, a name change was in order.  And last night, finally, I was able to do it.  So, no longer will my x-stitch be referred to as The Cross-Stitch That Will Never Be Finished, but it will now be called The Cross-Stitch That Is Almost Finished.

It’s still strange seeing that acronym, I’ll tell you.


Less than a month until my deadline. I can do it! *crosses fingers*

Actually, I went into Jo-Ann yesterday and bought the stuff I need for my next project which is just tempting me to bail on this. Must. Finish. This. Project.

TCSTWNBF (Week 69)

This week comes much progress and a much, much better picture than last week.  Soon, I’ll have to change to acronym to TCSTIAF (The Cross-Stitch That Is Almost Finished)


Fingers are still crossed that I’ll have it finished by my birthday. 😀 Plus, like I said on Twitter, I’ve already got my next crafting project in mind.

The CSTWNBF update

I feel like the little engine that could…I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…

I’m moving to the section of shading which is always makes me stitch a little slower.  Seeing a person or house, etc. emerge makes the little squares more worthwhile.  Shading? Not so much.