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Heroes in a half-sheet…

So, my husband is like super talented when it comes to making cakes. He’s made R2-D2, Perry the Platypus, and the Captain America shield. For our daughter’s birthday, he tackled making Donatello from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles popping out of the sewer.

The first thing he did was to create the manhole cover which he did with lots of white chocolate (almost two bags), a little bit of fondant, and some edible color spray.


Then, it was a lot of coloring and rolling out fondant, trimming of cake, carefully stacking the delicious goodies. He used a total of four 8″ round cakes (two for the hole, two for Donnie’s head).


The whole project took about three hours (minus cooking time) and the taste was delicious!


Tastes like awesomeness

I offered Babe a challenge for my birthday cake this year; I wanted a Captain America shield. And, he did it! 😀

The picture is rather deceiving…the sucker is 14 inches across.  I will have cake coming out of my ears by the end of the week.  😛
My birthday was awesome and epic! Thank you everyone who wished me a wonderful day–I certainly had one! 😀 😀
And now, I’m off to eat cake. LOL