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Do You want to stitch a snow globe?

Looking for a quick, easy project to make during this busy time of year? Of course you are! This snow globe is a simple and inexpensive (yay!) project to make.

You’ll need your finished project, clear cellophane wrap, a hoop that will fit your project, fake snow, and some glue and scissors (not shown). You’ll want to trim the cellophane to about the same size as your project.

The only “trick” you’ll need to do for this is put your project in the hoop backwards.

Ta da! You’re a magician!

Flip your hoop over and trim your project very close to the edge of the hoop. (I put the snow in first which made for a delightful mess once I realized that I should have cut it first.) THEN, add a tiny bit of snow. (It goes a loooong way.)

Get ready for the fake snow to get everywhere, LOL

After the project has been trimmed and the snow has been placed, then you’re going to run glue over the entire edge of both hoops. (I just used a plain ol’ glue stick, nothing fancy.) Then, place the cellophane on top of it, smoothing out any wrinkles. (I put a cooking sheet weighed down with a container of oats on top of it until the glue dried to make sure that the seal was nice and secure.)

Tinsel and ornaments do NOT suddenly appear when you finish the project. Sorry.
Shake it and make it snow!

And there you go! A snow globe to decorate your place! And this you could use any size hoop, whipping up smaller 2″ hoops would be relatively quick to give as gifts!

Festival of the Lost

I swear, everything I make is not Bungie related.

That being said, they came out with their trailer for their Festival of the Lost, and boom, next thing I knew I was spending a couple of hours whipping up a chart for their latest emblem.

(You know what they say, resistance is futile and all that.)

(Thanks to TheLegendBlue on Twitter for the screengrab.)

So, if you want to make this (Obviously I haven’t had time to whip this up), this is what you’ll need:

A 4″ hoop (You can make it 6″ — the design is just under 3″x 3″ on 14 count aida cloth)
DMC colors: 310, 647, 834, white, 902, 3821
Black aida cloth
The chart**

**So, you’ll notice on the edge of the broom, there are some funky backstitching symbols — that’s because I’m not sure if doing a couple of backstitching lines would be easier than trying to do half-stitches with the gold to give the angled effect. I think whatever works best for you, is what works.

And as always, happy crafting! ❤

Moment of Triumph

16sunlitdays Back when I decided to make this Destiny cross-stitch, I had no idea just A.) how long it would take and B.) how difficult working with a single color is. (I mean, it’s like yaaaaawn.) That being said, this is my largest Destiny cross-stitch to date, overthrowing the Cross-Stitch of Doom that started the trip down the rabbit hole that is Destiny crafts.


Some of you crazy, awesome people want to actually tackle this for yourself. Good luck, kids, LOL. My suggestion is to use the aida cloth color as your friend — that way you only have to stitch the aqua (or, if you want, choose your own color, I won’t tell Bungie.)


What you’ll need:

The chart Part 1 // Part 2
15″ x 18″ aida cloth (the finished design is 9″ x 11″ — or around there, I’m far too lazy to measure it right now)
3845 (That’s the color I used)

If you do decide to tackle this, I’d love to know. And as always, happy crafting ❤ ❤

Creating a Division (cross-stitch)


Lately, the burnout has been real. The Light World seems never-ending and the commission piece I’m working on is a large project, so you know that my brain was scrambling to come up with something else to do.


Cue this project.


I’ve been wanting to make this for several months, but I wanted a smaller version than what I had planned — I had originally thought making it a 6″ circle — I cut it down to 4″ which was perfect because I was able to whip up this sucker in about two days — a perfect distraction from the bigger project.


Wanna make your own? Of course you do.

What you’ll need:

14 count black aida cloth
DMC colors: 3865 (or you can use white) and 971
The chart!

As I mentioned, this project is super quick to make — 3 or 4 hours (since the fabric is already black, we save SO much time). Have fun if you decide to tackle this project and as always, happy crafting! ❤

I’m sensing a pattern here…


One of the most commonly asked questions I get asked is, “What program do you use to make your patterns?” so I figure it’s well past time for me to actually, you know, write a blog post about it.

The simple answer is, I use STOIK Stitch Creator 4.


The question that should come after that is, is it worth getting? My answer is…meh. I’ve had the same program for the better part of three years, so I have learned how to deal with its shortcomings and have no desire to drop another $50 on a different stitching program (though I have heard delightful things about PC Stitch, which, if I HAD to get another stitching program, I’d try.)

So, why the meh? Well, one of the biggest issues is that you can’t save the file in pdf format. This, well, sucks. I have gotten into the habit of dropping pdf files on my tablet and taking that with me wherever I stitch — that’s a no-go when I’m making patterns on my program.

Secondly, I still have yet to figure out how to copy and paste part of a pattern and put it in a different file. From what I can tell, you can’t do it. Now, I haven’t contacted the people who made it and asked them, so maybe it’s possible, but I can’t figure it out and I’ve tried.


Now, the good — it works. LOL, I know that sounds silly, but I have never had it crash on me ever. And I have a pattern that is over 5 feet (not the picture above), which is a LOOOOOT of squares and the program was able to keep up, no problem.

I like the fact it has just about every stitch imaginable that you can use and they make it relatively easy to add them to your project. And though I don’t use Anchor threads, it does switch back and forth between DMC and Anchor colors easily.

The other thing that is good is that on the color key it tells you how much thread you need in length rather than how many squares which makes it super easy to make sure I have enough of a color before I start a project.


So, yeah, that’s my take on it after using it for a while. They do a have a free download to try to the program on their site (it’s version 4.5, so it’ll be different than mine, but I don’t know by how much). I believe you can try any feature, but you can’t save the file until you buy the program so, test it out before you drop $50 on it.

Like taking (Crimson) candy from a baby



Another day, another Destiny craft.

Really, it’s not my fault that Bungie makes things that call to my cross-stitching soul.


But, if you want to be subtly geeky on Valentine’s Day, this pattern works because to the average person, it’ll look like a heart with a design on it. To the Destiny playing person, they will know Crimson Days are here.


It’s a fairly quick pattern — I got it finished in two days. I know I haven’t used that much pink, well, ever.

What you’ll need:

The chart
Colors: 355, 761, 3803
aida cloth (I used 14 count)

If you tackle this, I’d love to see it. If you tackle Crimson Days, good luck, Guardian. And as always, happy crafting. ❤

(Heart)less is More

I love me some Kingdom Hearts. And after last week’s E3 trailer (with a Tangled level!!!), I knew I had to make the Heartless symbol that had been waiting for me.


I decided to pull out the water soluable canvas for this one — I wanted the red to really pop against the black. And I went with half-stitches because I think they work better with all the angles.


The project took me the beter part of 4-5 hours and then it was time for its bath. I hadn’t worked with a piece of the canvas that had so much exposed when I rinsed it off, but it worked like a charm.


If you wanna make your own, here’s the chart. The final size is about 6″ x 4″heartless11

As always, if you tackle this project, let me know. Happy crafting!

Cookie (Recipe) Swap Time

All right, it’s time to share your favorite cookie recipes.

All you need to do is post your comment below. You can either copy and paste your recipe directly in the comment or you can link to it from another source (Pinterest, your blog, Facebook, etc.). I’ll be posting links to the recipes on my Twitter account, so if you have an account over there, drop it in the comments so I can include it when I tweet the recipe.

Be sure to share this link with your friends. The more cookie recipes there are, the happier our taste buds will be. 😀 😀

C is for Cookie…

It’s that time of year when out inner Cookie Monsters will no longer be ignored.

You know what that means? It’s Cookie (Recipe) Swap time.

How it works:

On Monday, November 25, I’ll make a post where you can make a comment linking to your blog, Facebook, etc. with your favorite cookie recipe. Do you want to take pictures as you make them step-by-step? Awesome. Do you just want to cut and paste a tried and true recipe that you want to share with the masses? Equally epic.

The point is to try to get ALL THE COOKIE RECIPES so that our cookie taste buds will be happy.

And, this is obvious, but if the recipe isn’t yours, don’t claim it as your own. Just give kudos to whose recipe it is and share away (as long as you have their permission, of course). 😀

I’ll be posting a link to each recipe from my Twitter account (@craftinggeek) throughout the day so if you have a handle there, just be sure to drop it in the comment box along with the link to the deliciousness.

For now, we need to tell the masses. So, blog, Tweet, FB, make a sandwich sign and wear it around the office, and get the word out: this blog + November 25 = tasty cookies. More people means more cookies and that’s always a good thing.

But, what if I don’t have a Facebook. blog, etc?

No worries. Just go ahead and post your recipe in the comment section of the blog post on the 25th.

I have a great brownie recipe. Can I post that instead?

Nom nom nom…wait, where you asking something? I’m going to not be too dogmatic when it comes it “what is a cookie” (I’ll leave that up to food philosophers), but if it’s something you can eat without using a fork and doesn’t need refrigeration, then you’re fine.