The CSTWNBF (or the Cross Stitch That Will Never Be Finished) (Again)

Babe has been on a Big Bang Theory kick so I had plenty of time to work on my cross-stitch this week. Progress, baby!


Week 6: The Pokequilt (aka WIP Wednesday)

The Pokequilt is done! *cue choir singing*

Funny story, when I started piecing the quilt together last week, I kept looking at my pile of 1.75″ squares and thinking, “Dude, there are a lot of squares left”.  Then I dismissed it because, really, math was never my strong suit.  Then, after I pieced together the 35 blocks, I realized that I needed to make a border of black and white squares around the entire quilt before I added the colored border.  Suddenly those extra squares made sense, LOL.

So, quilt top of the year is done.  I plan on hand quilting this while I start working on A’s quilt top. 

Week 4: The Pokequilt (aka WIP Wednesday)

Things were pretty quiet around here which made working on K’s quilt easy!  Not only did I piece together all of the B blocks, I also did all of the ironing *shudder*

The plan this week is to start piecing the blocks together, but with everything going on this week –a dentist appointment, helping out in A’s class, and regular non-quilting stuff–we’ll see how much I actually get done.

I’m already eying fabric for A’s quilt, but I’m resolute to only work on one quilt at a time.  *tries to stay strong*

The CSTWNBF (or the Cross Stitch That Will Never Be Finished) (Again)

A big thanks to Hugh Jackman and the release of Reel Steel.  Because of it (and my lack of desire to see it), Mike was busy watching the movie and I rocked the cross-stitching scene! Woot! I think I can officially say that I’ve hit the halfway point. 

And that’s it for this week! Let’s just hope Mike finds another movie to watch so I can make some more progress, LOL!

I craft, therefore I am.