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It’s #30for30crafting Time!

544246It’s getting close to May which means it’s time for another #30for30crafting event! Yay!

Pick a craft or project(s) (new or old) and be committed to working on it/them for 30 minutes for 30 days. I like to do it in May so you can give yourself a day off during the month, if you want to.

And no, it’s not just open to cross-stitching.  Maybe you’re a drawing genius or you make pottery that mere mortals weep or your quilts are so epic, people write songs about them. Or maybe you actually write songs! Or make the most awesome cakes! Or, you want to have an excuse to try something completely new. It doesn’t matter, LET YOUR CRAFT SHINE THROUGH.

So, the process is simple. Starting on May 1, post your picture on Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr and tag it with #30for30crafting . Then, keep your eyes peeled for that tag and encourage your fellow crafters. And if it’s possible, try to take a pic each day. I know for me, it really does help to look back to the previous day or two and see that, yes, I’m making progress.

I can a lot of questions about this, so I’ll try to answer them below, if you have a question, leave a comment here or tweet me.

1.) Can I work on it for more than 30 minutes a day?

Absolutely. The point is to work on something for at least 30 minutes a day for 30 days.

2.) I want to (make digital art, write, draw, etc.), does that count?

If it uses your creativity muscles, I say absolutely. Make an app, sew a quilt, write a novel, paint a picture on your living room wall. I’m pretty open.

3.) Do I have to take a picture every day?

No. Not at all. Maybe you want to make a blog post or maybe you want to post weekly pictures of your progress. That’s fine! If you do, tag your picture (or link to a blog post) with either #30for30crafting so we can encourage each other!

4.) What if I want to start on the [insert day here]?

That’s not a problem. I know some people started early, others are starting later. Just do it and make awesomeness!

5.) Do I only have to work on one project?

Nope. Work on whatever your creative brain is pushing you to make.

6.) I missed a day. I fail.

Um, no. Just add a day to the end, if you want. Or, just get something done for the next day. You can do it!

Good luck and, as always, happy crafting!


In a lot of ways, this month’s #30for30crafting was a total failure. I thought I was going to get MASSIVE, MAJOR work done on the Light World, but that wasn’t what happened.


And in that fact, I guess this month’s #30for30crafting was a complete success. Despite not doing what I thought I would be doing, I pushed through my crafting funk, making myself work on something, anything, for that day.


I made a couple of needlebooks, a fabric box, a Narwhal pillow, a trio of mini guinea hams, finished the Xbox symbol, and barely touched the Light World and Amsterdam (or the two projects I thought I would completely destroy this month).


I’m realizing that it’s ok I didn’t achieve the goal I had originally set out to do. Instead of plowing through 10-12k squares, I managed about 1k, but I did pull my sewing machine out of retirement.

But enough of me, let’s talk about the amazing way y’all participated in the #30for30crafting. There is SO MUCH AWESOMENESS! ❤ You guys were completely fantastic and I’m floored by how many people participated and/or encouraged each other. I love you.

As for when the next #30for30crafting…well, I leave that up to you guys. August? September? October? I’m game whenever you are. ❤

Hey! Listen!

Oh yes, my friends, it’s that time again!


If you missed June’s 30for30crafting, then let me give you the rundown: You commit to do something creative for 30 minutes for 30 days. The umbrella is broad — anything creative from physical crafts to writing to digital media is perfectly awesome. The point of this is to get those creativity juices flowing.

The process is simple. Starting on August 1, post your picture on Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr and tag it with #30for30crafting . Then, keep your eyes peeled for that tag and encourage the creative souls who are doing this with you. And since August has 31 days, you even have a day to take a break.

I answered a bunch of questions over on this post here, so check ’em out. If you still have any questions, drop me a line here and I’ll answer it for you.

I’ve already got a Pinterest board for all of the people who posted pics on IG and Twitter in June. And have one set up and ready to go for August.

So, get the word out — tweet, tumblr, IG, blog, FB the information out. It is awesome to see how much you can do in just one month!