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Oh, a Stitcher’s Life is a life for me


I have a jacket that I love more than any other article of clothing I own (which, with the amount of geeky clothes I own, is saying something). Unfortunately for me, its life is slowly coming to an end.

The reason why I love this jacket so much is because of this graphic right here.


So, seeing an end to my awesome jacket, I decided to do the only thing I could do: cross-stitch the design so that I can always look upon its awesomeness.


I finished this in six days, which is really fast for me, but I love it and I might be willing to let my jacket move on (heh).


I know there are people wanting the pattern — I look at my patterns on my tablet so all the black wasn’t an issue for me, but I did invert the colors on the second version of the pattern, in case someone wants to print it out (I honestly have no idea how big/small the squares will be if you go that route, sorry.)

I used Ecru for the main part and 726 with a strand of gold for the mushroom, but really, choose whatever colors you’d like.

Pattern 1
Pattern 2

If you tackle this, let me know. And as always, happy crafting! ❤

All in a year’s work…

Looking back, I can say that this has been my most productive year cross-stitching/crafting ever. In fact, I’m sure I couldn’t list off all the projects that I finished if I tried. (Like most crafters I know, I tend to give away the things that I make.)

But, I do have my favorites. So here are my top five projects that I’ve finished this year. (WIPs need not apply for this list.)

20131122_145218 (1)

5. The Destiny Christmas Card

OK, I stitched this so many times that I started to memorize the chart towards the end. The card itself isn’t anything spectacular — I just made the design from various symbols from Bungie’s Destiny, but the reaction of the people who I sent these to? It was absolutely awesome.


4. The Alice in Wonderland Trunk or Treat

Let’s be honest, it wasn’t about the card soldiers. Or the rose topiary. It was about that epic card display. I love, love, love it. The only downside is that gravity is a worthy opponent and it was pretty much ruined within a day or two, but for that 24-36 hours, it looked downright Wonderlandian.


3. Beck

Yes, he’s from a video game that is slated to be out in 2015. Still, the adorable dude demanded to be cross-stitched. I finished him in record time (less than a month) and proved to myself that my cross-stitching program isn’t necessarily to be trusted in discerning colors (which would have been nice to know before I started the Destiny cross-stitch).


2. NES Controller Pillow

I made this for my sister and brother-in-law’s wedding. They like all things geeky (They had a Legend of Zelda themed wedding.) and I knew I had to whip up something awesome for them.


1. The Lighthouse Cross-stitch

There’s not much to talk about with this one. I made it for my grandparents’ birthday and it looked absolutely beautiful. I love the Gold Collection series and this finished cross-stitch shows exactly why.