Add This to Your Crafting Arsenal

Oh, blog post titles, you amuse me greatly. So, after Wednesday’s episode, I figured it was time for Roy to get his own cross-stitch sprite. And voila! The fastest turnaround ever (especially for me). Doesn’t he look awesome with his fellow Team Arrow sprites? I combined two strands of 3685 and one of 150, butContinue reading “Add This to Your Crafting Arsenal”

You have not failed this cross-stitch

I’ll admit I imagined Stephen Amell saying that, oh, a million or so times while I was working on this sucker. (It’s the little things, ok?) So, actually this cross-stitch came to be because A.) Babe loves the show and B.) after this from Xbox, how could I not tackle (another) Arrow cross-stitch? So whenContinue reading “You have not failed this cross-stitch”

Can You Digg It?

Remember when I mentioned that I was going to make one chart from Arrow? Well, make that three. Really, I couldn’t not make a Digg cross-stitch because, well, it’s Digg. He gave me a little trouble because originally I had his arms to his side, looking all stiff and uncomfortable. Then, I watched the season premiere ofContinue reading “Can You Digg It?”

His name is Oliver Queen.

So, after I made the Felicity Smoak sprite cross-stitch, someone asked me if I was going to make any other Arrow sprites. I confess, I hadn’t intended on doing it, but here we are and yet another member of Team Arrow has arrived. Say hello to the Hood, er, the Vigilante, er, the Arrow– OliverContinue reading “His name is Oliver Queen.”

Where There’s Smoak, There’s Fire. (Or, a cross-stitch)

My name is Jessica Sw– Oh wait, that’s not my line, is it? For the past couple of months Babe has been binging on episodes of Arrow while I cross-stitch the night away. And while I don’t actively watch the show, (I would be hard-pressed to name a time that I have sat down andContinue reading “Where There’s Smoak, There’s Fire. (Or, a cross-stitch)”