Off to the Races

I fell in love with this design last year when Bungie first introduced the SRL. The colors are fantastic and the geometry of the design just stuck out, but for whatever reason, (I'm assuming I got distracted with another project) I didn't even start to make the pattern. This year, I decided, would be different.… Continue reading Off to the Races


Jolly Ol’ St. Koopa

'Twas the night before Christmas, And all through Peach's house, Not a creature was stirring, Not even a Mouse(r) Er, ok, I'll leave the poetry to someone else. So, if you've been on Twitter, you've seen me working on this Bowser, er, King Koopa, cross-stitch. I was looking at my new cup when the idea… Continue reading Jolly Ol’ St. Koopa

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Like taking (Crimson) candy from a baby

  Another day, another Destiny craft. Really, it's not my fault that Bungie makes things that call to my cross-stitching soul. But, if you want to be subtly geeky on Valentine's Day, this pattern works because to the average person, it'll look like a heart with a design on it. To the Destiny playing person,… Continue reading Like taking (Crimson) candy from a baby