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Lucky Rabbit’s Foot, er, Emblem

I’ll admit. I’m totally stalling out when it’s coming to the Lorule project. I think it’s the sheer amount of colors and the fact that, well, it doesn’t look like much of anything yet. I’m not too worried yet. There were a lot of times with the Dark World map that I wanted to do nothing more than hide it on a shelf and forget it existed.

So, I’m not pushing myself and decided to go back to something that is as familiar as a warm coat. You know what that means, Destiny craft time!

The emblems available in the game are like a crafter’s dream because they’re easy to replicate. I have dreams of doing (most) of them, but I don’t know if even I am that ambitious.

I decided to tackle the Jade Bunny emblem first. And, get ready for this, there were no problems when I cross-stitched the project! (Yeah yeah, it’s a simple pattern, but you know what I DON’T CARE! I’ll take my Destiny victories when I can get them, LOL)


I just spent last night (and most of today) stitching like a mad woman and bam! Done!

Now I suppose it’s time to drag my sorry self back to Lorule. I’m sure I’ll find my groove soon enough, but really? What was I thinking doing a pattern that has 150 colors? LOL

Chart is here!

Like always, if you tackle the project let me know!

Where There’s Smoak, There’s Fire. (Or, a cross-stitch)

My name is Jessica Sw–

Oh wait, that’s not my line, is it?

For the past couple of months Babe has been binging on episodes of Arrow while I cross-stitch the night away. And while I don’t actively watch the show, (I would be hard-pressed to name a time that I have sat down and watched an episode of anything without having some kind of craft in my hand.) there is a character who has won me over with her sheer awesomeness.

That’s right, fangirls and fanboys, I’m talking about Felicity Smoak.

And we know how I express my adoration for all things geeky and fandom-y. That’s right. With a cross-stitch.

I knew I didn’t want to do a huge project because after I’m done working on this current present for my mom, I have two majorly HUGE projects to work on. (We’re talking 24 months before I finish them both. Cross-stitching is like the marathon of embroidery.)


So say hello to the Felicity Smoak sprite.  Look at her as she is focusing on her tablet to help Oliver get back quickly so he can work out on the salmon ladder while she totally notices.


But you’re not interested in that, you want to make a craft.


You should be able to get it done within a weekend. I probably spent the better part of 6 or 7 hours working on it. (Then again Tangled was playing in the background for part of the time so I can’t say I wasn’t distracted.)

As always, if you do decide to tackle this project let me know! I’m over on Twitter and Instagram like, ALL THE TIME, and I’m always excited to see the charts being put to good use.

The chart! 

Clowning Around

So, back in October I started working on a couple of Mario cross-stitching charts. That was when I foolishly thought that I would have the Dark World done and the Halo: CEA cover almost finished within the first half of the year. And while I haven’t given up on making a Mario sampler, I have come to realize that unless someone in my family asks me to make a Bowser in his Koopa Clown Car as a gift, I’m never going to make this sucker for myself.

So you, fellow geeky gamers, get to have a chart that, when finished, will instill fear into the heart of every Toad in all of the Mushroom Kingdom.


If you listen closely, you can almost hear Princess Peach screaming for a certain plumber to save her.

On a 14-count Aida cloth, he should end up being about 4×6, perfect for framing to make any room instantly look 597% more geeky. To save the pictures to your hard drive, just right click the pictures.

Bowser Chart Page 1
Bowser Chart Page 2
Bowser Color Chart

And if anyone does finish it, I would love to see it! You can always reach me on Twitter (@craftinggeek) or tag me on IG (again, @craftinggeek).

As always, happy crafting!

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