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Ice Cream (with 100% less calories!)

So, I’ve been avoiding Hyrule as much as Link avoids those ReDeads in Ocarina of Time. It’s the clouds — I think I estimated that I have to stitch 1,500 squares of one color which is BOOOOORING, but I’m sort of at a point where I have to do them because I need to get to that bottom right corner already.

I’ve been doing a bunch of projects which I’ll blog about some day, but I finished a project today and wanted to share. It’s an adorable ice cream cone chart from cross-stitching.com (It’s free, but you do need to register with the site.). When I saw them, I knew that I wanted to make one for each of my girls.

20140129_135707I went ahead and stitched mine on a plastic canvas. I know there are fractionals, but I just poked a hole with a straight pin and everything was fine. (I did this a lot on the Destiny Christmas cards, so I knew it would work.)

I followed the chart for A’s ice cream, but I know K loves her mint chocolate chip, so I raided my bins of thread and found some green and added the brown “chips” by backstitching in random directions.

Then, I just covered the back in felt and tied a string in a loop so I can attach it to their backpacks with a slip knot. It was fun and quick and the girls love it.

As for me? I’m going back to the clouds of dooooooom. 😛 😛

Sorry, Mario, your Princess is in another cross-stitch

I took a weekend off from working on Hyrule. (I know, I was shocked too.) It ended up being a good thing because A.) it helped to give me that break that I have been looking for and B.) I finished something that wasn’t Christmas themed.

So, I went from one Nintendo kingdom to another and created a pattern for Princess Peach. I went ahead and stitched her on a piece of ecru AIDA cloth that I had kicking around the house, but really, any color could work. (Although if you use white, you’re going to have to backstitch the gloves so they show up.) The design size is just under 4″x4″ — it fits into a 5″ hoop perfectly.

It took me part of Friday and most of Saturday to finish — probably about 6-8 hours. (I’m really bad at calculating time when it comes to cross-stitching because I tend to just pick it up and work on it when I can.)

I’m going to just hang up this up in the hoop I stitched it in and put it on my wall of awesomeness
, next to my Halo poster (geek!). 

Want to cross-stitch your own? Of course you do! Just go ahead and right-click the link and save it to your computer or click the link and the chart will appear it all of its glory. (Sorry, no fancy pdf files for me — I cannot for the life of me figure out a way to convert the Stoik file into one…if anyone has an idea, let me know!)

The Chart
The Color Key

If there is enough interest, I would be willing to make up chart with Princess Daisy coloring…just give me a shout in the comments. 😀 And, of course, if you do tackle the project, I’d love to see the results!

I’m in your fandom, stealing your characters

So, I did it again.

(Can you blame me?)

First, let’s start with the Halo. I know, I had Master Cheep and Cor-tern-a the last time, but since then I had to add a few characters to the mix.

Why hello there…

Let me introduce you to my friends.
Master Cheep
343 Guilty Stork
The A-bird-er
The Did-auk

The Dove-nant

I have to admit, I have a special place for the A-bird-er, if only for the energy sword wing, LOL.
And, like I mentioned on the previous post, I wanted to make a batch that represented my video game roots: Mario Brothers, baby!
Princess Pewee-ch

Super Secret Project of Awesomeness

So, I knew I wanted to make something for the birthdays of the incredibly awesome Elizabeth and San.  I tried a couple of ideas that didn’t work out, but then I stumbled across this felt bird pattern online.

Then, the creative juices started flowing.

Both of them are fans of the Avengers (and Loki), so I was like, “Dude! What if there was an Avengers-themed aviary?” And BAM! My idea was born.  I present to you The Avengers Bird Assemble:

We have Captain A-“murre”-ica:
“Blackbird” Widow:
The Incredible “Hawk”:
I-“wren” Man:

And yes, coming up with the names was as much fun as making these!