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Eyes up, Guardian

You know, this blog post is beyond overdue. So, in case you couldn’t tell, I make a lot of Destiny cross-stitch patterns and rather than having everyone sift through the blog to find them, I figured I should post them here. (Note: This is only a list of the charts I’ve made myself.)


No Spring Chicken
The Chart
The color key


White thread
Navy blue aida cloth


Crimson Days:
The chart
Colors: 355, 761, 3803
aida cloth


The Darkness Has Consumed You
14 count aida cloth
Thread (I used Kreinik 052F, but you can use any color you want, especially if you aren’t wanting to make it glow in the dark.)
The chart!

CzlMXwkUUAMh_v_ (2).jpg

Dawning Snowflake:

The chart!
DMC colors 963 and white
aida cloth (on 14 count, it’s just under 4″)

Destiny 2 Classes**:


**Please note, I am in the process of making these, but I wanted to give people a chance to work on them. If you notice a square that seems off, it probably is, LOL


Destiny Christmas 1:



Destiny Christmas 2:
The chart! 
321- red
420 -brown
742- yellow
754- peach
3346- green
3799- dark gray (Destiny traveler)

Destiny Vice:
The Chart
The Color Key


Festival of the Lost:
4″ hoop (You can make it 6″ — the design is just under 3″x 3″ on 14 count aida cloth)
DMC colors: 310, 647, 834, white, 902, 3821
Black aida cloth
The chart


Jade Rabbit:
Chart is here!


Moments of Triumph:

The chart Part 1 // Part 2
aida cloth (the finished design is approx 9″ x 11″)


SRL cross-stitch:
The chart!
DMC colors 3865, 321, 310, and white
aida cloth (I used 14 count like normal which makes the design about 7.5″ x  4″)


Taken King
4″ hoop
14 count aida cloth
Any color (I picked black, obviously)
The chart!

Off to the Races


I fell in love with this design last year when Bungie first introduced the SRL. The colors are fantastic and the geometry of the design just stuck out, but for whatever reason, (I’m assuming I got distracted with another project) I didn’t even start to make the pattern. This year, I decided, would be different.

This design is really not that difficult (with the exception of stitching black thread on black canvas, but if you chose a different color, say an oatmeal or dark grey color aida cloth, you’d be able to sail through this pretty easily.)

CzlMXwkUUAMh_v_ (2).jpg
I also made a snowflake design that came from Bungie’s The Dawning event which is SO SUPER quick, it’s almost ridiculous. (The fake snow is optional, LOL)

What you’ll need:

For the SRL cross-stitch:
The chart!
DMC colors 3865, 321, 310, and white
aida cloth (I used 14 count like normal which makes the design about 7.5″ x  4″)

For the snowflake:
The chart!
DMC colors 963 and white
aida cloth (on 14 count, it’s just under 4″)

I’d love to see if you tackle either of these and as always, happy crafting! ❤

Festival of the Lost

I swear, everything I make is not Bungie related.

That being said, they came out with their trailer for their Festival of the Lost, and boom, next thing I knew I was spending a couple of hours whipping up a chart for their latest emblem.

(You know what they say, resistance is futile and all that.)

(Thanks to TheLegendBlue on Twitter for the screengrab.)

So, if you want to make this (Obviously I haven’t had time to whip this up), this is what you’ll need:

A 4″ hoop (You can make it 6″ — the design is just under 3″x 3″ on 14 count aida cloth)
DMC colors: 310, 647, 834, white, 902, 3821
Black aida cloth
The chart**

**So, you’ll notice on the edge of the broom, there are some funky backstitching symbols — that’s because I’m not sure if doing a couple of backstitching lines would be easier than trying to do half-stitches with the gold to give the angled effect. I think whatever works best for you, is what works.

And as always, happy crafting! ❤

Moment of Triumph

16sunlitdays Back when I decided to make this Destiny cross-stitch, I had no idea just A.) how long it would take and B.) how difficult working with a single color is. (I mean, it’s like yaaaaawn.) That being said, this is my largest Destiny cross-stitch to date, overthrowing the Cross-Stitch of Doom that started the trip down the rabbit hole that is Destiny crafts.


Some of you crazy, awesome people want to actually tackle this for yourself. Good luck, kids, LOL. My suggestion is to use the aida cloth color as your friend — that way you only have to stitch the aqua (or, if you want, choose your own color, I won’t tell Bungie.)


What you’ll need:

The chart Part 1 // Part 2
15″ x 18″ aida cloth (the finished design is 9″ x 11″ — or around there, I’m far too lazy to measure it right now)
3845 (That’s the color I used)

If you do decide to tackle this, I’d love to know. And as always, happy crafting ❤ ❤

Practicing those knife skills


Another month, another Destiny craft.

I’ve been wanting to make something for Cozmo for a while now and to avoid the inevitable burnout of the Light World, I decided to take a weekend to work on this sucker.

I was SO tempted to stitch it with glow in the dark thread, but I didn’t have Kreinik thread (which is magical), but rather the DMC thread (which is not). So, I went with the iridescent floss which, despite numerous attempts, would not pick up on my camera, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

I don’t know how I finished it in two days, but I guess if you’re really determined (like I apparently was), you can get it done in a weekend.


I picked up navy blue aida cloth to save me boatloads of time. If you feel like stitching a ton of navy blue squares or can’t find that color aida cloth, then you can easily double your expected time to finish.

If you decide to tackle the project, you’ll need the chart, white thread and navy blue thread or aida cloth. And as always, happy crafting!

Happy Little Engram


This month’s TSNEM (Try Something New Every Month) theme is painting. While it’s not something I particularly enjoy — especially after painting the entire house last year — there was a project that I had been considering doing since I saw TahoeAnime’s tweet last year.


Bam. A planter the Cryptarch would love.

If you have ten bucks and want to add that Destiny flair to your garden, go run to your local Target. You’ll need the planter, paint, a small brush or mini paint roller and, for those of you who want to cheat like I did,  a chalkboard paint marker (I found mine in the dollar section).

Then, paint (I used three coats, being sure to let it dry completely before adding the next coat or you’ll just pull up the paint.) your little engram.


You’ll have to wait about 24 hours to do the next part which is adding the details. Now look, if you want to get white paint and  a little paintbrush and paint the lines on, you have my complete respect. I just pulled up an image of the engrams Bungie sells and set to work with my paint marker.

Then, pop in an adorable plant and you’ve got yourself a very geeky planter.

Like taking (Crimson) candy from a baby



Another day, another Destiny craft.

Really, it’s not my fault that Bungie makes things that call to my cross-stitching soul.


But, if you want to be subtly geeky on Valentine’s Day, this pattern works because to the average person, it’ll look like a heart with a design on it. To the Destiny playing person, they will know Crimson Days are here.


It’s a fairly quick pattern — I got it finished in two days. I know I haven’t used that much pink, well, ever.

What you’ll need:

The chart
Colors: 355, 761, 3803
aida cloth (I used 14 count)

If you tackle this, I’d love to see it. If you tackle Crimson Days, good luck, Guardian. And as always, happy crafting. ❤

The Holidays Have Consumed You

So let’s sum up the past few months, shall we?

Crafting. Lots of it.


I’m going to go through and post everything once the craziness of the holidays calms down (hopefully). But, for now, I want to drop off a few patterns that I know a few of you have asked for.

First of all is this little Guardian armed with a Candy Cane, ready to take down any Grinches. I actually made this on stream. (Yes, people cross-stitch on Twitch which is an amazing reality.) It’s a take on Christopher Barrett’s design (which should sound familiar).

Use the colors that you want. I went for a more subtle maroon than Santa Red, but let those holiday colors free!


Also, I made three ornaments to attach to the Christmas cards I am going to send out. (41 of them. Hold me.)

So, you have your choice between a Triforce tree, Santa Chief, or Santa Traveler. Or make all three! Spread the geeky Christmas spirit!

The charts!

Candy Cane Guardian
Santa Traveler
Santa Chief
Triforce Tree

I hope you all enjoy the patterns! Happy crafting! ❤ ❤

Hammer Time


It’s funny how things happen, isn’t it?

What started out as a last minute change for TheLegendBlue’s birthday gift, turned into me getting my 15 minutes of viral fame.

There really is no backstory to the cross-stitch — I decided that I’d rather make Matt a Titan based on Chris Barrett’s 8-bit Guardians from Destiny rather than send him the Destiny nail art that I had intended for him.

12135315_1484792775155890_985883185_n (1)
Despite fighting with my thread not once, but twice (I blame getting distracted by Blindspot), I got it finished in less than 24 hours.

The rest, as they say, is history.

11375325_970448982998318_1058925881_n (1)

So, if you want to make your own Titan, this is what you’ll need:

14 count aida cloth
4 inch hoop
DMC thread: 3790, 3032, 841, 798, 3843, 321, 444, 922, ecru (These are the colors I used, but really, if you’ve got something close to the color on the chart, go for it. Also, with the way the design is, it’s really easy to customize the colors so have fun with it.)
The chart (which does, in fact, have a *little* mistake that I’m not going to bother fixing because, um, lazy. Basically, the waist is off by one square. Just move it over to the right by one and you’re fine. Or keep it. No one will probably notice, LOL)

I know some people are going to ask if I’m going to make the other two Guardians. The answer is…maybe. I have several projects that need to be finished first. (What else is new, right?)

If you do decide to tackle this project, let me know! And, as always, happy crafting!

Nailed It

After working on Rapunzel (and actually making progress!), my brain did what it always does and started demanding me to work on something else. So, while Babe and the girls were shopping for cake supplies, I walked around Jo-Ann, looking for inspiration.


There, on an end cap were pre-made boards, ready for nail art — for $15 each (plus the cost of string). Now, look, I understand, if you don’t have the time or want the stress, fifteen bucks isn’t that bad to start a project. But, I knew I wanted something a little more nerdy (and cheap).

So, off I went. I picked up two unfinished wooden plaques, a 2 oz. container of black shiny paint, some white glitter — for $8 (plus 25% off with my coupon). Then, I picked up some nails at Wal-Mart and I was good to go.

The first thing I did was paint them black. While the paint was still wet, I sprinkled on the glitter and then waited for it to dry.


During that time, I found the pictures I was looking for — a Triforce and the Destiny symbol — and traced them on a piece of paper.


Once they were dry, I got my handy dandy hammer out and set to work. I did not measure out perfect spaces between the nails — I am far to impatient for that madness. I did, however, alternate between the top and the bottom of the line so that the spacing was relatively the same.


When I was done with that, then I set off on making the string part of “string art”. I just kind of let my brain decide what it wanted to do. No rhyme, no reason. Every once in a while, I took a step back to make sure there were no huge gaps.

Overall, the project took about an hour and a half. Easy and fun! Now, go make one yourself! 😀 😀